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The reason I started this site was simply because I love stories and sharing. I’m also the author of these books. If you want to know more about my books, then pop over here to my website

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My blog is differnt because every story is interesting and this doesn’t mean just Fiction. True stories are perhaps the most fastinating of all. Looking back in time Local and Family History can also be absorbing. There are even a few stories of where I live called Island Life.  Have a look at the menu for more options and more stories.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome To Magic of Stories!

  1. Linda Collier says:

    3rd time lucky, hopefully !!
    Quite interesting to read that your 2x great grandfather wrote for the Oldham Chronicle As you probably remember, both my parents originally came from Oldham. I have a copy at home of the 1st issue, 1st edition of the Oldham Chronicle which I found when clearing out after my dad died.Pity it wasn’t an original or it would have been worth quite a bit.


    • Even so, I expect it has some really interesting snippets in it. What year is it?

      My 2xGG wrote articles for them and then published a book. I have the book, but can’t remember the exact date now. Early 1900s perhaps.

      In it he describes his visit to Henshaw’s Society for the blind, which I published on here. He also went to Kersal Cell in Salford, amongst others. It is interesting seeing it from his eyes and of those times.


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