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Anglesey, where I live
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Supressesion – reblogged.

Report from the Home Front by Karen J Mossman
Cold Fingers by Suzi Albracht

I know it’s Wrong, but…

A Short Story for the Weekend
Call for Submissions



Christmas Time


Traffic Delays!


Every Picture Tells A Story
I don’t like creepy things, do you?
My Sister Far Away
Don’t tell a writer your secrets!
Hidden Stories in Family Tree
Train Journeys
Churches and Ouiji Boards


Memories of my dog Ricky
Do you keep a diary?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Finding Humour
Playground Games
Can You Control Your Dreams?
Coping with Bereavement
Introduction to The Magic of Stories book.
A Bus Drive Never Forgotten – reblogged from Virgo Dragons Writer’s Blog
A Terrible Mother by Karen J Mossman
Musings on a dark and stormy night – reblogged from Books and Blondes


Stories based on Songs by Karen J Mossman
Who is the Bitch? by Karen J Mossman
Steps of a Killer by Karen J Mossman


Interview with a Charity Founder Karen J Mossman
Musical Parade – reblogged
The Day I Found a Dead Body by Karen J Mossman
My Little Star Tilly by Karen J Mossman
Missing People by Karen J Mossman


Do Middle-Aged Woman Become Invisible? Guest interview Toni Kief — A Little Bit of Blake – reblogged
My Week in Pictures by Karen J Mossman
Abortion Protests
Copying with Father’s Day as a Single Parent – reblogged.
My Two Dad’s – in honour of Father’s Day
Monday Musical Memory – Oh My Papa – reblogged in honour of Father’s day

A Dystopian World
The Changing World of Books – reblogged
Free Short Story by Karen J Mossman
Terror on a Sunday Morning by Karen J Mossman

It’s a Miracle reblogged
What to do next in Self-Publishing


The Mystery of Missing People by Karen J Mossman
An Amazing Woman by Karen J Mossman
Happy Birthday!
Missing! by Karen J Mossman
Playing the Game by Karen J Mossman
Birthdays and Gifts – reblogged from Karen’s Book Buzz Blog

Watching the Sunrise – reblogged from Electric Press

Mr Blobby by Karen J Mossman
The Day I Met My Mother by Karen J Mossman

Who Loves Puppies? by Karen J Mossman
Uselessly Smitten!  by Karen J Mossman
A Walk in the Park
Time to Unpublish
WordPress v Facebook
The Power of Words – reblogged
The Ode to The Lancashire Cotton Coporation
Bin Day

I was Only Dreaming
Save the World from Destruction
Amassing the Article – reblogged from Rampling from a Writer’s Mind
Book Giveaways
Just Our Imagination – reblogged from Stevie Turner
Soul Mates – reblogged from Stories I’ve Never Told – November
The Morning My Husband Passed – reblofgged from ‘My Corner’
You time – reblogged from Miraculous Smile – October
Me, too – reblogged from Elizabeth Horton Newton – September
Did you know? – September
Turn it off and wait for the Twitching – rebloged September
Five Fantastic Sto Win – September
Anglesey Rocks – September
Team – reblogged, August
Where is Your Happy Place? – rebloged August
The MillenniumAugust
Sister CousinReblogged July
A Ghost of Myself – Reblogged –

FFather’s Day June
A Free Spirit

Goodnight Dad
Dirty Laundry
Love Quilts Number Two
Love Quilts UK– May
A Beautiful Death – May
Lonely Bouquets May
60 Glorious YearsReblogged May
Father’s Day– April
Hazard – a Nineties Song – April
Ken Dodd, 1927 -2018 – March
The Lost Ring – February
Crime with a Difference
– January
Instagram January
Everyone Loves A Hero – January
Lost in Music – January
The Mystery of Missing People
– January
The Mystery of Missing People – January

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