Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Romance

Never, Never by Liz Butcher

Karen's Magic Review I downloaded this book without reading the description. I know. I should have read it first and can't remember why I did now. So each page I turned was a surprise. What I didn't expect was that the genre was a bit of everything, scifi/fantasy, horror, romance, urban, detective and a crime… Continue reading Never, Never by Liz Butcher

Book, Fantasy, Kindle Unlimited, Young Adult/Teen

Exigency by Marnie Cate

Karen’s Magic Review This is the second book in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic series. My review of the first book, Remember is here. This was a truly magically story and in so many different ways. But first, let me go through the picture at the top. The tree is the entry point to… Continue reading Exigency by Marnie Cate

Crime, Mystery

The Sticky Note Murders by Lynn Miclea

50 pages, Kindle Unlimited Karen’s Magic Review This is a short to the point story. A murder, an investigation, and an arrest. I liked how it kept strictly to the facts, the dialogue of the detectives, and of the investigation. There is not a word wasted in this tale. Online dating can be fraught with… Continue reading The Sticky Note Murders by Lynn Miclea

Erotica, Romance

The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

146 pages, Kindle Unlimited, New Adult Romance Karen's Magic Review I debated whether to post this because I didn't finish the book, and didn't particularly enjoy it. But there are other reasons for posting this and giving it some blog time because it does deserve to be recommended.I came across a video on Instagram where… Continue reading The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

Inspirational, Romance

Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

154 pages, Summer romance, Karen's Magic Review This book came from someone on Instagram. They reviewed it and said how much they loved it. So from that I downloaded it. The fact that it was a novella and a summer read persuaded me as I had just come out of a large six book series.… Continue reading Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

Fantasy, Paranormal, Thriller

The Gift Legacy by JP McLean

It was four years ago that I read a book series containing six books like this one. They are truly special when you come across them. Being a book blogger, I prefer shorter readers, yet these books were over 300 pages long, as were the The Fiona Griffiths series by Harry Bingham. The amount of… Continue reading The Gift Legacy by JP McLean

Fantasy, Thriller

Deadly Deception by JP McLean

269 pages, thriller, fantasy, 5th book in The Gift Legacy Series Karen's Magic Review Impossibly, the author manages to ramp up the storyline once more. This book is a real page turner in every sense of the word. I absolutely loved it! Strangely, I struggled with the first page as it didn’t quite make sense.… Continue reading Deadly Deception by JP McLean

Fantasy, Thriller

Lethal Waters by JP McLean

324 pages, thriller, fantasy Karen's Magic Review I'm feeling really comfortable with these characters now I am on book 4. I love the author's style of writing and she really knows how to put a story together in such a vivid way. There are two more to go and I shall have a break and… Continue reading Lethal Waters by JP McLean

Psychological, Thriller

Circle of Betrayal, the review

Karen's Magic Review I read and reviewed two previous books by this author, and she has followed on with another really great book cover. I liken book covers to perusing paintings in an art gallery. Except they have the added excitement of looking inside to experience the story your imagination has just conjured up. That… Continue reading Circle of Betrayal, the review

Fantasy, Thriller

Burning Lies by JP McLean

332 Pages, Fantasy, Thriller, Karen's Magic Review Having enjoyed Secret Skies and Hidden Enemy, I didn’t know what to expect from this story because it couldn't possibly be as good as the previous two. I was wrong, Burning Lies is superb. I bought the book, just as I said I would in my review of… Continue reading Burning Lies by JP McLean