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Sometimes you read something that captures something special. I saw this on the Miraculous Smile website – which you may want to follow – and it, well, made me smile.

Today, we are all so busy doing things and back in the 90s I was sat in an office and one of the guys was just sitting their staring into space. I asked him if he was all right. Yes, he replied, I’m just gathering my thoughts and have a bit of me time. I looked at him unsure why he was doing it. He turned to me and said, we all spend a lot of spend a lot of time working, planning or just doing things. Nobody stops and takes time out any more to just be.

That resonated with and these days even more so. Everyone is always on a mission, so you should stop and do something that gives you great pleasure. Something simple as sitting listening and watching the leaves flutter in the wind.

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Be sure to follow this link and read the few special words.

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Turn it off and wait for the twitching…

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This article caught my eye this morning. It’s really interesting and of course, I asked myself the same question.

Could I switch off my phone for one day?

Could you?

On 22nd September, it’s switch off your phone day, I’m considering it. If I do, i shall report back here. If you do, please let me know.

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Team — Miraculous Smile

I mentioned before that I worked at Olive Garden for 17.5 years as a manager. What I did not mention, as of yet, was something that rang true for me and/or any other manager on duty at the time. Your team is what can make or break you! This is true in real life as […]

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I wanted to share this post as it is uplifting and gives us all food for thought.