The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold – Free Book

Cassie -ebook smallKnown as Cassie to her friends and family. She is a girl with talents. Conversing with ghosts is second nature because she is clairvoyant.

Cassie came to me one day as I was looking for something to write. I had this vision of her walking in the footsteps of a victim stalked by serial killer. It was the only way she could find our who it was

The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold is a collection of short stories, which gives me the option of adding to them. Told in the first person, Cassy is funny and sassy, but when it comes to her ‘gift’ she takes it deadly serious.

This book is for sale in various book stories, but you can download it for free only from this website.

You can also check back here to see if any more stories have been added.


If you have a pychic experience or an idea for Cassie to expore. Contact me here and I will make it into a story.

Current stories are:

Steps of a Killer
Unbraid My Hair
A Good Son
The Slap

Coming soon, The Haunting, and Electric Eclectic novella. Cassie’s biggest adventure yet. Due to release in May 2019. Here is an exclusive excerpt.

Standing away from the stairs, Damien stood behind me. We waited and listened. The silence was loud.

Finally, I heard it. It was a sort of rattle, thud, and a clicking sound, like a ratchet. It was coming towards us up the stairs and got louder and louder. My back was against Damien, his hand was on my upper arm.

As the noise got closer, I felt Damien stiffen. My eyes were straining towards the stairs. Just when I thought she would emerge, the noise stopped abruptly. Damien seemed to stop breathing for a moment. We waited.

Suddenly, there she was, not the freakish monster I was expecting, instead the beautiful dark-skinned girl.

The Haunting Kindle

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