The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold

Cassie -ebook smallKnown as Cassie to her friends and family. She is a girl with talents. Conversing with ghosts is second nature to her because she is clairvoyant.

Cassie came to me one day as I was looking for something to write. I had this vision of her walking in the footsteps of a victim stalked by serial killer. It was the only way she could find our who it was.

To See is to Feel became the first story. When I was looking for a contribuation to anthology I wrote about Cassie visiting an old lady who finds it difficult to coping alone without her husband. I used this as the second story, expanding it a little.

More stories followed, some humerous, and some drew on real life situations. The final story came out of a nightmare I’d had, and its graphic detail is probably the darkest I have ever written.

The great news is, you can read these stories for #free.  Eventually, I will write more, and when I do, I shall let you know via this page.

If you do read it, right here is where you can leave a review. I would love to know what you think.



If you have a pychic experience or an idea for Cassie to expore. Contact me here and I will make it into a story.




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