How to Deal with Reviews

By Karen J Mossman   As authors, we love book reviews. Without them how would we know if readers enjoy our work? People don’t like leaving reviews and I don’t know why. I am an author but first and foremost I’m a reader. I love writing reviews. Perhaps that’s just the writer in me. I’veContinue reading “How to Deal with Reviews”

A Total Eclipse​ of the Moon in 1891

Taken from the Oswestry Advertiser, exact date unknown. A completely different style of writing when why use one word when then would do!   A correspondent writes:  The total eclipse of the moon, which took place on Sunday week, passed off in a manner most satisfactory to all, excepting those who witnessed it.  At LlanymynechContinue reading “A Total Eclipse​ of the Moon in 1891”


AN ASSAULT IN COURT While I was searching the archives in Shropshire looking for something to do with my family history, I came across this. I thought it was quite fascinating. Flora Manuel, an inmate of the Union Workhouse, was charged with refusing to work, and with threatening the labour mistress, Miss Isabella Graham. AsContinue reading “AN INCORRIGIBLE WOMAN”

The Sweetness of the Seventies

by Karen J Mossman In 1973, I was  a teenager and the most important things in my life were music and fashion. I lived in Withington in Manchester with my parents and siblings. A few of us, including my brother, John, would catch a bus through to Chorlton and then walk over to the StretfordContinue reading “The Sweetness of the Seventies”

Didsbury, where Joanna’s Journey is set.

Joanna’s Journey is set in Didsbury, which is a suburb of Manchester. Many of the houses are large Victorian semi-detached ones. In the seventies were converted from affluent family houses to flats. When I went to the area in the Autumn 2015 to take photographs for this article, I saw that many had reverted toContinue reading “Didsbury, where Joanna’s Journey is set.”