Summer of Love

by Jane Risdon   They swayed barefoot in time to the hypnotic music of Jefferson Airplane, multi-coloured kaftans flapping in the breeze, their hands high above their heads, eyes closed; the air thick with the sweet fragrance of weed. All around couples lay on the grass embracing, smoking or just chilling in the hot summer… Continue reading Summer of Love


A Chance Encounter

By Jennifer Deese   The day started bright and sunny, her coffee was smooth, just the way she loved it. The outside beckoned. Her need to submerge herself in Mother Nature's earthly embrace was poignant and urgent. Roxie quickly finished her morning routine and donned the active wear she preferred for hikes along the mountain trails… Continue reading A Chance Encounter



by Anita Kovacevic   The sky was cloudy today. Not gloomy, but fluffy white clouds. Just the way Meg liked it. Cloud watching had recently become her favourite pastimes. Mummy was gone now, that awful car crash taking her life, and Meg was devastated. She looked back over her shoulder at her dad who was conducting his… Continue reading Cloudbursting


The Inkwell

by Patrick ElliotThe nurse woke me when my heart monitor slowed again. One good thing about this “home for the geriatricly re-enabled” is the nurses. They ensure we don’t die in our sleep, mostly. Some of my fellow inmates hate that. I’d rather go out on my feet.  I write in this journal every day;… Continue reading The Inkwell


The Way of Things

by Paul White The ping-pong ball bounced as it hit the edges of the glass bowls, eventually falling between them and onto the counter top. This game was not as easy as it looked. But why was I surprised? After all, this was the traveling fair and they were here to take as much money… Continue reading The Way of Things


A Silent Joy

  by Amanda HamiltonMary sat at her counter top in her kitchen; a cup of coffee cupped in her hand and marvelled at the last few weeks. How stupid she had been. It had all started the week before Christmas… “Oh no, she’s doing it again,” thought Mary as she walked past her neighbour’s house.… Continue reading A Silent Joy


Mr Harrington, by Paul White

Something astounding happened yesterday that I have to tell you about. I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes from lunch and gazing out of the window as I did so. In the corner of the kitchen, little Jack was playing with his favourite toy, a fabric clown. I could see Jack’s delight… Continue reading Mr Harrington, by Paul White