Pedicure From Hell

by K A NeesonSo I go to relax and get a pedicure. Anytime actual relaxation occurs for me, it’s a miracle of epic proportions. Who knows if miracles happen, but I was hoping for one! I walk into this place and there are ten, maybe twelve, pedicure stations, the big chairs with the foot baths… Continue reading Pedicure From Hell


Joanna is Fighting Back!

 Joanna is a feisty and independent woman. She was also the first of the strong women I began writing about. I like my heroines to have a vulnerability about them. Some damage that was done in the past that makes them who they are today. This was my first ever novel and since then there… Continue reading Joanna is Fighting Back!


The Safe Place by Matt Beighton

He slammed the door behind him and raced down the worn wooden stairs two at a time. He knew he was safe down here in the basement. This was his space, the only place that he was away from it all. His dad never came down here. He was too busy upstairs pimping out his… Continue reading The Safe Place by Matt Beighton


Her First Time by C. A. Keith

The drive seemed longer than its typical thirty minutes. Her heart raced. It wasn't her first time, so she wasn't sure why she was so nervous. Her eyes focused on each car that passed her by. A bead of sweat trickled down her brow. She pulled up into a vacant spot. She stepped out of… Continue reading Her First Time by C. A. Keith


Runt of the Litter by Chris Hayes

It was unusually cold outside for this early in the season. On Ragnarok that meant people had to stay indoors to keep their noses and ears from freezing. Johan was in from the shuttleport, newly arrived with a shipment of sorely needed fuel cells and doing his best to warm up at his cousin Brigit’s… Continue reading Runt of the Litter by Chris Hayes


A Persistence of Owls

by Judith Rook   Marjorie Broadbent was an all-time good friend, best neighbour, dependable helper and highly efficient handler of objects that could be collected. She had once been intrigued by a television programme which taught her one could attend auctions, buy things, then a few weeks later, return the objects for re-auction, and probably… Continue reading A Persistence of Owls


Summer of Love

by Jane Risdon   They swayed barefoot in time to the hypnotic music of Jefferson Airplane, multi-coloured kaftans flapping in the breeze, their hands high above their heads, eyes closed; the air thick with the sweet fragrance of weed. All around couples lay on the grass embracing, smoking or just chilling in the hot summer… Continue reading Summer of Love


A Chance Encounter

By Jennifer Deese   The day started bright and sunny, her coffee was smooth, just the way she loved it. The outside beckoned. Her need to submerge herself in Mother Nature's earthly embrace was poignant and urgent. Roxie quickly finished her morning routine and donned the active wear she preferred for hikes along the mountain trails… Continue reading A Chance Encounter



by Anita Kovacevic   The sky was cloudy today. Not gloomy, but fluffy white clouds. Just the way Meg liked it. Cloud watching had recently become her favourite pastimes. Mummy was gone now, that awful car crash taking her life, and Meg was devastated. She looked back over her shoulder at her dad who was conducting his… Continue reading Cloudbursting