The Coin

by  Toni KiefPtolemy V left the mint with the first gold coin struck with his daughter’s likeness.  In a very unusual act, he presented the token with blessing to his only daughter.  Born to a court of treachery, incest and murder, the coin represented a singular moment of love.  She carried it at all times… Continue reading The Coin


A Stranger on the Train

By Karen J Mossman Jenna heard the song on the radio and the sweet rawness of the words transported her back two years when she met a stranger on a train. She was travelling to London to visit her aunt, Ivy and running late. She pulled open a carriage door just as the whistle blew.… Continue reading A Stranger on the Train



I wrote this as an exercise from an article I saw in a newspaper. This is what it said: A quiet street turned into a river of blood yesterday when a tanker sprang a leak. More than 2,500 gallons of offal cascaded into the road after a pipe burst as the tanker pumped the blood… Continue reading OUR STREET IS BLOODY OFFAL


Sister Cousin

by Mary Hiland Comedians love to build their acts on their terrible childhoods, so I would have a hard time being a comedian, because mine was almost idyllic. Although I enjoyed the benefits of being an only child, I felt I had been cheated out of three very important ingredients for a perfect young girl’s… Continue reading Sister Cousin


A Ghost of Myself

An interesting and thoughtful story to share with you. It certainly had me thinking.


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I pull to the side of the road. The screech of sirens and the flashing blue lights of an ambulance head towards my village. For a moment I am simply grateful that my younger son sold his motorbike, even though I know he misses it dreadfully. There were too many ditches when he was younger…

Then I wonder who needs the ambulance. Will it get there in time? Do I know them? Will they be okay?  What if I was me who had died and the ambulance was going for my body while my ghost, all unaware, still went to work…?

Now there’s a thought that comes right out of nowhere and is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks on the way to work…

How would I know? Living with the dog wouldn’t have helped, as I am convinced they can see far more than we can. Ani might…

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Jon Doe

The pain leaches into the soil with his blood as he lies silently studying the pines.  The long straight trees pierce the clouds with geometric precision.  The cold calms him; he no longer feels a need to call for help.  Studying the perfection of the moment, he dozes into a mindless peace. Without warning, he… Continue reading Jon Doe