Missing People

Like many others, I enjoy a good mystery. Stories where you need to know what happens next. Tales that pique your curiosity and keep you turning the page to get to the end. Over the years, I’ve found missing people intriguing. Why did they disappear in the first place? Was it an accident or somethingContinue reading “Missing People”

A Stranger on the Train

By Karen J Mossman #RT #music #shortstory We all love stories and here is one that has never been shared before. Jenna heard the song on the radio and the sweet rawness of the words transported her back two years when she met a stranger on a train. She was travelling to London to visitContinue reading “A Stranger on the Train”

Electric Eclectic Stories

Today is Electric Eclectic book day. You will be seeing EE all over Social Media. So if you see a post, like this one, or on Facebook, Twiiter, Google, anywhere! Can you please share it? For readers –  All our books are novelettes. This means if you love reading and are short of time, theseContinue reading “Electric Eclectic Stories”

Hazard, a Nineties Song

Do you remember Richard Marx’s Hazard ? I loved it and the video was dark and moody and told a story. The music is haunting and shot in black and white makes it very atmospheric. Who did kill Miss Mary? We never got to find out and so, inspired by the video, I wrote aContinue reading “Hazard, a Nineties Song”