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moralityThis is the shortest story from Tales of Crime & Violence, (Volume 1) which falls into the ‘Violence’ category… but not how you may initially think… which is all part of what these books are about.




I pulled the car to a halt, two wheels on the grass verge and switched the engine off.

Immediately the engine died the radio seemed dreadfully loud. 

So strange the way you get used to the noise of a running engine. The way your mind cancels out the rhythmic growling.

I wondered if it was always that; way if we have the ability to disregard repetitive or intrusive sounds?

I mean, did the cavemen do such? Was there a need? Maybe during a storm or a gale, they could close their ears to the sound of the howling winds or the consistent noise of heavy rainfall…

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Report from the Home Front

By Karen J Mossman I live in Anglesey in North Wales and it's a popular tourist place. As we are an island there are many beautiful beaches. As the new season began the holiday makers returned. My daughter moved here in January from Stockport, near Manchester. Their farmhouse has a self contained flat, and on the… Continue reading Report from the Home Front


Why is being a grown-up so hard?!

Author Julia Blake always writes a fascinating weekly blog and worth reading.

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A Little Bit of Blake

It’s been a funny old week, one that started with me having the mother of all migraines. Now, I used to get these quite a lot during my teenage years, but then hormones settled down and I seemed to shake loose of them and never really suffered from them again, until last year. Then I had one that necessitated me being sent home from work. It was horrible, that sick pounding in my skull and the wonky vision but spending the day in a darkened room with no stimulation, seemed to do the trick and I haven’t had one since.

But last Sunday morning I awoke with a strange throbbing in my brain, I got up and ready for work, managed some breakfast, but all the time could feel this headache getting worse. I decided to go to work anyway. Like most British people, I don’t get paid for taking…

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Christmas Time

The other day a blog post caughte my eye. It was about Christmas past, present and the furture. When I was a child we celebrated our Christmas as a big family. Stockings were hung at the end of the bed and in the morning there would be an apple, orange, a little toy and some… Continue reading Christmas Time

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Traffic Delays!

I've lived in Anglesey in Wales for almost four years now. It isn't a big island and the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to travel around. The concept of leaving home and driving to a destination is a simple one. Yet for so many it isn't. Now I calculate my journey… Continue reading Traffic Delays!


What’s the difference between an Indie Author & an Indie Publisher?

It's often very hard to understand the differences between the different types of publishers. I was reading this article and I think Paul explains it really well. Even some of us Indie authors are not sure of all the terms, I wasn't. So this makes an interesting read. via What's the difference between an Indie… Continue reading What’s the difference between an Indie Author & an Indie Publisher?

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A Bus Drive Never Forgotten

We've all travelled on a coach or bus in our youth when we were young and carefree. For me I remember a train ride where four of us went on a day trip to Alderley Edge, in Cheshire. A area where the 'Edge' provides magnificent views as well as a few interesting caves along the… Continue reading A Bus Drive Never Forgotten

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Musings on a dark and stormy night

In the face of the hurricane heading toward Florida, John Guzzardo thinks about the grammar police. Something that is always on the tail of us writers.

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Welcome to Books and Blondes

It’s funny because it’s true.

Watching Hurricane Dorian plod slowly along up the Florida coast, I’m reminded of some of the difficult times which writers often face. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of portrayals of “the life the writer,” and the pseudo-glamorous world of indie authors. Much like the “what my friends think” memes, Dorian gave me the opportunity to think about what it really means to be a writer and an author.

To be honest, you really have to love writing to be even try to be professional writer because, odds are, it will suck. Even the late Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame got in the occasion dig on writers through Snoopy’s frequest “it was a dark and stormy night” gag which, sad to say, has become the stereotypical opening to spot a really lousy writer. That said, here are a few things which crossed…

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