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The Story Behind the Story

I wrote this for another blog and am considering making it a series. I am often intrigued as to what inspires a writer to write a book. What do you think? Would you like to see something like this? Read more on the Electric Eclectic Blog


A Valentine’s Day Tale

I love short romantic stories and as they go this one is pretty cool…. enjoy…….

In a Stranger’s City, reblogged from Electric Eclectic..

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A strange city is a big, lonely place when you do not know your way around and you do not know a single soul who lives there.

The city seems even bigger when it is in a foreign land; the buildings, the roads are so different to that which you are familiar, as are the signs; thousands and hundreds of signs on the street, in the shop windows, the stations, on buses and lorries and hoardings.

All in a language you do not know.

This is where I am, in a strange city, in a foreign land. All those signs meant nothing to me; besides spouting my own imaginative gibberish gobbledygook, which besides entertaining my mind, said nothing constructive.

It is a strange experience, both fascinating and frightening.

I needed to be at the public telephone box, situated near a café called ‘Rosy Lee’, in Richmond Park…

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For you Animal lovers out there!

I love animals especially dogs and cats, so I want to share with you this story from colleague and fellow author Sahara Foley who has just adopted some cats. While you are there, and especially if you are a lover of Science Fiction, you may want to join her mailing list or follow her blog.… Continue reading For you Animal lovers out there!

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99¢ Mysteries & Thrillers

Murder and Crime books, are one of my favourite reads. Another thing I love is book covers, so I love the way this is presented from our sister site Norns Triad Publications. The book cover that caught my eye immediate is Never Smile at Strangers. I shall look it up and if the description matches,… Continue reading 99¢ Mysteries & Thrillers

Christmas Reads

99¢ Holiday eBooks

It is always nice to read a Christmas book at Christmas time. You know how I love books covers, they can be so intriguing! So this is from my sister site Norns Triad Publications. Please note that prices are at the discretion of Amazon, the author(s), or publisher(s), and they can change without notice.*99¢ ebooks were… Continue reading 99¢ Holiday eBooks


Ailey recovering from drug addiction, is written to enlighten the reader that …….

Other people’s book reviews are always interesting to read and I like how they differ from mind. I like Pauline Reid’s way with words as she describes what she has written. It certainly sold me and I will have to he k this one out for myself. So we have here Aileen (her brother calls… Continue reading Ailey recovering from drug addiction, is written to enlighten the reader that …….