Crime, Mystery, Paranormal

Oh My Goodness – It’s Out!

Released 16th September 2021, 110 pages, Kindle Unlimited. Mystery, Crime, paranormal, psychic. My first book in quite a while is finally out. I pulled all my books in order to rewrite them now that I belong to Norns Triad Publications. The Killer on the Heath will be the first of a trilogy featuring Cassie Newbold,… Continue reading Oh My Goodness – It’s Out!

Crime, Mystery

The Sticky Note Murders by Lynn Miclea

50 pages, Kindle Unlimited Karen’s Magic Review This is a short to the point story. A murder, an investigation, and an arrest. I liked how it kept strictly to the facts, the dialogue of the detectives, and of the investigation. There is not a word wasted in this tale. Online dating can be fraught with… Continue reading The Sticky Note Murders by Lynn Miclea

Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance

Secret Sky by J P McLean, a Book Review

324 pages, paranormal, fantasy, romance Karen's Magic Review This book recently appeared in my series About a Book and something about it really appealed to me. It's the first time I've read one featured here, and another first, is that I am going to quote myself after reviewing a good book called Confined Spaces. I… Continue reading Secret Sky by J P McLean, a Book Review


Ashes in Winter by K M Cannon

320 pages, Dystopian Karen's Magic Review It’s not often that I read a book twice, especially on request. The Rangers of Waldren was a series of four books if I remember correctly, and I read them over two years ago. They were great dystopian stories that followed a band of survivors when something catastrophic happens.… Continue reading Ashes in Winter by K M Cannon

Crime, Romance, Thriller

Sugar and Spice by Julia Blake

Karen's Magic Review Romantic, Suspense, Action, Adventure and thriller. 247 pages. Kindle Unlimited It's been a while since I did a pictures telling stories and this was such a good read and a perfect one for me to do.Sugar and Spice is book three in the The Blackwood Family Saga, but having said that, it… Continue reading Sugar and Spice by Julia Blake

Fantasy, science Fiction

The Revenge of Excalibur

Occult UFOs, Authorian Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure 195 pages Pictures Telling Stories The beautiful girl in the first picture is Pamela, the main protagonist in the story. She is also the daughter of Arthur, who appeared in the first book, The Secret of the Excalibur, which was reviewed on here. Because of the adventures in… Continue reading The Revenge of Excalibur


Kristina Beck’s Snowflakes and Sapphires

Holiday Fiction, Novella, Contemporary Fiction, Romance, 148 pages Pictures Telling Stories Do you believe in love at first sight? For Sophia and Drew that is exactly what happened when she is blown into his shop one blustery snow-filled day. Sophia has an apartment at the Rockefella Centre where the first scene shows her having her… Continue reading Kristina Beck’s Snowflakes and Sapphires

Fantasy, Inspirational, Mystery, Paranormal, Psychological, Romance, science Fiction

The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley, a book review

Fiction mash-up - Arthurian Fantasy - Mystery 315 pages. Kindle Unlimited Pictures Telling Stories The psychic Institute shown in the first picture is where Ruth works and just above her is Arthur. They go for a holiday and stay at the inn pictured, where some funny things happen. Funny as in humorous because Arthur is… Continue reading The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley, a book review

Book, Dystopian, science Fiction

We Journey No More by Sahara Foley

Time Travel Science Fiction - 246 Pages Teenagers Don and Janet run off to California to start a new life together. Along the way, they find themselves in a dangerous land. Did they inadvertently time travel to a future Earth? Or, a parallel universe? One of the nomadic tribes they encounter rescues the young couple. These… Continue reading We Journey No More by Sahara Foley

Paranormal, Romance

Deep Waters by Paul White

Paranormal Romance 41 pages Life Love Emotions Heartbreak Deep Waters is a heart-wrenching story of one man's fight to come to terms with his wife's death.This touching and emotional tale allows privileged insight into Gary's mind as he stumbles onward through life and unveils an understanding of why he chose this island to execute his last… Continue reading Deep Waters by Paul White