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Are You on Instagram?

I manage two Instagram accounts. One is this and called Magic of Stories and the other is for Norn Triad Publications, which I am a part of.Although I like pictures, I didn't quite understand how Instagram can work for me as a business, until I came across this book. Not only did it give me… Continue reading Are You on Instagram?

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The Revenge of Excalibur

Occult UFOs, Authorian Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure 195 pages Pictures Telling Stories The beautiful girl in the first picture is Pamela, the main protagonist in the story. She is also the daughter of Arthur, who appeared in the first book, The Secret of the Excalibur, which was reviewed on here. Because of the adventures in… Continue reading The Revenge of Excalibur

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About a Book – Tally by J. M. Northup

J. M. Northup WebsiteAmazonNorns Triad Publications Amazon Description Starved for love and fearing time is running out, attorney Tally Abram seeks the aid of her gay best friends, Lex and Ishkode Ackerman, in fathering the children she desperately wants. Will they comply? Will Tally find the family she craves? Or will her need for completion… Continue reading About a Book – Tally by J. M. Northup

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The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley, a book review

Fiction mash-up - Arthurian Fantasy - Mystery 315 pages. Kindle Unlimited Pictures Telling Stories The psychic Institute shown in the first picture is where Ruth works and just above her is Arthur. They go for a holiday and stay at the inn pictured, where some funny things happen. Funny as in humorous because Arthur is… Continue reading The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley, a book review

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We Journey No More by Sahara Foley

Time Travel Science Fiction - 246 Pages Teenagers Don and Janet run off to California to start a new life together. Along the way, they find themselves in a dangerous land. Did they inadvertently time travel to a future Earth? Or, a parallel universe? One of the nomadic tribes they encounter rescues the young couple. These… Continue reading We Journey No More by Sahara Foley

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Best Reads of 2020

Magic of Stories has finished 2020 and now telling you about the magic of stories read over the year with my favourite reads. According to Goodreads, I read a total of 50 books. A story is not a story without the details and I'll give you the outstanding moments for each of these. Chasing Daisy… Continue reading Best Reads of 2020

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Chasing Caitlyn by Marnie Cate

Which is more important – wreaking revenge or finding peace?Caitlyn’s life is altered by the death of the father she idolized and further broken by a tainted prom night. These are triggers that begin her path of self-destruction. When happiness finally seemed attainable, she learned that her beloved husband isn’t who he appeared to be.… Continue reading Chasing Caitlyn by Marnie Cate


For you Animal lovers out there!

I love animals especially dogs and cats, so I want to share with you this story from colleague and fellow author Sahara Foley who has just adopted some cats. While you are there, and especially if you are a lover of Science Fiction, you may want to join her mailing list or follow her blog.… Continue reading For you Animal lovers out there!


National Day of the Horse

It was National Day of the Horse in November and I love horses. I have many happy memories of riding them in my youth. As I got older I stopped, and these days tend write them into stories. When I saw that it was horse day, I wrote a blog for our sister site recalling… Continue reading National Day of the Horse

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Feline Fascinations by J. M. Northup

Free to Download9th - 13th November Reviewers say:  Belongs in Every Young Person's Library A great feline adventure! Fun life and adventure seen through the animals eyes. Description Boris, a stray kitten rescued from the city streets, finds his forever home on the farm of his dreams! There, with his sassy older sister, Olga, they… Continue reading Feline Fascinations by J. M. Northup