An Amazing Woman

by Karen J Mossman I love old photos and came across this one. It was taken in 1928 and the Rose Queen in the centre is my Auntie Molly. She was an incredible and interesting character. The daughter of a local councillor, she was born in 1914. She defied her religious family and married anContinue reading “An Amazing Woman”

The Ode to Lancashire Cotton Corporation

Tune: The Church’s One Foundation I was searching through a box that has been kept in the loft for the last twenty years. It was full of old photos, newspaper, and postcards, etc. Amongst them I found this on a postcard. We are the Cotton Saviours,The Boys of the L.C.C. We cannot spin, we cannotContinue reading “The Ode to Lancashire Cotton Corporation”

Reflections of Simmondly

Simmondly is a small village in Glossop, Derbyshire, and in the early 1900s John Pedder, a retired councillor for Stretford Urban Council in Manchester, had a holiday cottage there. Their granddaughter, Molly, told me the story of Simmondly before she passed away in 2014 aged 100.  ‘We had this great big trunk which we’d packContinue reading “Reflections of Simmondly”

Various Subjects of 1889

by Charles Henry Stott Charles Stott was my great, great-grandfather and he wrote a book which came down through the family, finally ending up with me. Many of the articles it contained were fascinating and now a part of social history. By reproducing the articles here means I can share a slice of life inContinue reading “Various Subjects of 1889”

The Tall Men’s Club

Here Charles Henry Stott, my two times great grandfather talks about the different types of clubs – A Little Men’s Club, A Tall Men’s Club, A Silent Club, and A Terrible Club. I’ve picked out this one, and will follow it up with the other’s at a later date. The articles all come from isContinue reading “The Tall Men’s Club”

Various Subjects, an Old Book of Local History

by Charles Henry Stott Charles Stott was my great, great-grandfather and he wrote a book which was passed through the family and finally ended up with me. Many of the articles it contains are fascinating because he is a social history buff and an observer of life in the late 1800s. The writing style isContinue reading “Various Subjects, an Old Book of Local History”

A Total Eclipse​ of the Moon in 1891

Taken from the Oswestry Advertiser, exact date unknown. A completely different style of writing when why use one word when then would do!   A correspondent writes:  The total eclipse of the moon, which took place on Sunday week, passed off in a manner most satisfactory to all, excepting those who witnessed it.  At LlanymynechContinue reading “A Total Eclipse​ of the Moon in 1891”


AN ASSAULT IN COURT While I was searching the archives in Shropshire looking for something to do with my family history, I came across this. I thought it was quite fascinating. Flora Manuel, an inmate of the Union Workhouse, was charged with refusing to work, and with threatening the labour mistress, Miss Isabella Graham. AsContinue reading “AN INCORRIGIBLE WOMAN”