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I’m Scared of Mice!

by Karen J MossmanI don’t know exactly when I became afraid of mice. Perhaps it was my mum telling me she heard a mouse trap snap in the night, then lay awake hearing the whoosh- whoosh of it being dragged across the floor. Or it could have been my sister who kept mice as pets… Continue reading I’m Scared of Mice!


I’m a Granny again!

by Karen J Mossman Yesterday my daughter gave birth to my third grandson and her fourth child. We are absolutely thrilled with the arrival of 7lb 14 oz Jack. Mother and baby are doing fine and she is making the most of her stay in the hospital for cuddles with her newborn before the mayhem… Continue reading I’m a Granny again!



By Karen au Mossman Have you heard stories from people complaining about a product and receiving a box of something in return? From my blog in 2009. If you don't contact big companies when there is something to say, you get nothing, so I thought I would give it a go. I occasionally do my… Continue reading Complaining

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What’s in a Name?

“Why was I called Karen?” I asked my dad one day. He told me it was Danish for Kathleen, the name of my mum. When I looked it up, it was very loosely based on it along with several other names. As the years went by, I noticed there were no songs declaring their love for… Continue reading What’s in a Name?

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The Chicken Farm

by Jane Finch A few years ago I decided I would like to keep chickens. However, instead of buying pedigree chickens, I rescued some from a battery farm. I had seen pictures of them kept in small cages, never seeing the light of day, never feeling the sun on their backs, and never feeling the… Continue reading The Chicken Farm


Creepy Things

by Karen J Mossman I'm not a fan of horror or paranormal. I get spooked easily and have a very active imagination. As a teenager I would be plagued by nightmares for weeks. As I grew up I knew to stay away from anything like that. Recently, I was watching Gogglebox, a TV programme that… Continue reading Creepy Things


A Good Son

by Karen J Mossman  I was at Pedro’s house and we were making out on the sofa. My head was back, my neck stretched in pleasure, my eyes flicked open and there was his mother looking through the window. I don’t think any of us recovered from that as I made a quick exit. Now… Continue reading A Good Son

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Don’t tell a writer your secrets!

Sometimes the most embarrassing things can be humorous and I wrote something a little risqué by my standards. I also wanted it to be a little cringe worthy because we’ve all been in situations that have made our toes curl. You know that saying, never tell a writer your deepest secrets? No? Well, perhaps I… Continue reading Don’t tell a writer your secrets!