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When Jacarandas Bloom by Ellen Reed, a review by a Pauline Reid

I am a sucker for books, and if you read my blog, you’ll know, it's something I frequently mention. Show me a beautiful cover and I’m intrigued. Give me the description and I may just be tempted. When I read a good review like the one below, I have buy, or get it on KU… Continue reading When Jacarandas Bloom by Ellen Reed, a review by a Pauline Reid


Dreaming up a Story

I've been involved with an anthology that comes out twice a year and sometimes have used revamped old stories, and occasionally brand new ones. The latter is always difficult to come up with a totally new idea. I should plan ahead but always seem to get involved in other things then realise I've left it… Continue reading Dreaming up a Story


Gifting a Book

by Karen J MossmanHere's what you do if you use over to Amazon UK or Amazon USFind the eBook you want to send as a gift.Click on the 'Buy for Others' buttonEnter the personal email address of your recipientEnter a delivery date and an optional personal messageClick Place Your OrderThe buy for others button… Continue reading Gifting a Book

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What to do next in Self Publishing

By Karen J Mossman The days of writing a novel selling it, and making money are gone. The self promotion and chasing the next sale as well as everything that goes into making it publishable is stressful and a number of authors just want to give up. I was talking to writer, Josesph Lemon, he… Continue reading What to do next in Self Publishing


WordPress V Facebook

I was reading a post on Instagram where someone wondering whether to start a blog. Of course, I immediately came on and said yes, and extolled the virtues of WordPress. It was only as I was doing so; I realised just what a community WordPress is. Suddenly I began comparing it to Facebook.For a long… Continue reading WordPress V Facebook

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Learning Draft2Digital

This site seems to have gone from strength to strength recently. Uploading your book is fairly straight forward, but the magic begins when your book is published.. All books now have their own page, and by clicking on the title in the main dashboard brings up this. In here you can see that your book… Continue reading Learning Draft2Digital

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A Post for Authors

from Patty Fletcher of Campbell's World Tell it to the World Marketing Hello to all, I hope this message finds you all doing super well. Here at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing, where we support talented authors, as well as successful business owners in their marketing, by marrying social media, with more traditional approaches, The goal is to… Continue reading A Post for Authors

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Your Facebook Pages – How To Get The Best Out of Them

I’ve have been exploring Facebook Pages recently and it's surprising how much you can discover by just looking around. I don't know all the answers but want to share what I've found and suggest how to get the most out of our business pages. If there is something you have learnt that I haven't covered,… Continue reading Your Facebook Pages – How To Get The Best Out of Them