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Christmas Time

The other day a blog post caughte my eye. It was about Christmas past, present and the furture. When I was a child we celebrated our Christmas as a big family. Stockings were hung at the end of the bed and in the morning there would be an apple, orange, a little toy and some… Continue reading Christmas Time

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Churches and Ouija Boards

Dad was a religious man and enjoyed going to church, he also loved the social aspect of it. As a family we went to church every Sunday. It was like an extended family, a community that we fitted into and enjoyed the company of. In the church hall we went to barn dances, attended shows,… Continue reading Churches and Ouija Boards

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Train Journeys

One day while at a level crossing, the barrier came down to say there was a train coming. For one moment I felt the rising excitement I had as a child. Dad used to let us get out of the car and stand by the gates to wait for the train. The mounting anticipation as… Continue reading Train Journeys

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Hidden Stories in Family trees

At the end of the nineties I researched my family tree and being the curious type, I ended up doing four, my parents and my husband’s parents. Each one totally fascinating and each had curious tales to tell. My father was very dark skinned. Out of us four children, only one of us has the… Continue reading Hidden Stories in Family trees

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My Sister Far Away

The Magic of Stories is packed with tales divided into different genres. So there should a story for everybody. It wasn’t until I was putting the book together I realised all the poetry I’d included were simply stories in rhyme. In 1988, one of my sisters enlisted on an experimental cultural exchange programme sponsored by… Continue reading My Sister Far Away

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I don’t like creepy things, do you?

Horror and paranormal is not something I read or watch. I get spooked easily and have a very active imagination. As I teenager I would constantly be plagued by nightmares. As I grew up I knew to stay away from anything scary. These two subjects are very big in the book world and there are… Continue reading I don’t like creepy things, do you?


Finding Humour

I think humour is very important in stories, at least they are in mine, because life is full of humour. We, as humans can find humour in all sorts of things, even the macbre. I recall the days before Social Media when something bad happened, you suddenly found bad jokes being sent to your mobile… Continue reading Finding Humour

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Coping with Bereavement

I was watching a programme called 7up on the television recently. If you don’t know it, it started in the sixties where children were interviewed when they were seven, and every seven years the cameras caught up with them. The ‘children’ are now 63 and it has been fascinating. My mum and I followed it… Continue reading Coping with Bereavement


Musical Parade

I came across this post from Abbie's Corner all about rodeo's and carnivals. We used to have parades where I lived. Floats - decorated lorries carrying Rose Queens, or bands or charities. It was always fun. Often there would also be a brass band and I recalled one time I was with my mum and… Continue reading Musical Parade