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Songs Take You to The Past to Relive Again

The Tams - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me played on the radio this morning and it took me back to 1972 and a boy called Steve Crane. He was one of those cool guys that people looked up to and knew very little about. He was too old for me at 17. He lived three… Continue reading Songs Take You to The Past to Relive Again


I’m a Granny again!

by Karen J Mossman Yesterday my daughter gave birth to my third grandson and her fourth child. We are absolutely thrilled with the arrival of 7lb 14 oz Jack. Mother and baby are doing fine and she is making the most of her stay in the hospital for cuddles with her newborn before the mayhem… Continue reading I’m a Granny again!

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Slop Buckets

By Karen J Mossman Originally written in 2009 from a now-defunct blog. I read in the Daily Mail how the government will issue everyone with a slop bucket for collecting foodstuff that is normally thrown in the bin. What a load of tosh. (Says I in 2009. Food waste buckets is something we've had for… Continue reading Slop Buckets

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A Bathroom Encounter

NyKaren J Mossman This is another old one I came across on the blogger website I used to have. There I was 9.15 am on a Sunday morning coming out of my bedroom at exactly the same time as my 23-year-old son. We were both heading for the same place. I'm only going to wash… Continue reading A Bathroom Encounter


Living on an Island

Karen J Mossman lives on an island in the UK. Anglesey is just off the north Wales coast. She spent all of her life living in a big city where it was always full of traffic. Moving to an island meant she not only lived in the countryside but also near many beaches. Life became… Continue reading Living on an Island

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Other People’s Children

Growing up, I saw a lot of my Auntie Mavis and Uncle Pat. They lived in the Welsh border town of Oswestry, and we lived in the big city of Manchester. Mavis is my mother’s sister and always lived close to her parents, so as children, we made the seventy-plus mile journey regularly to visit… Continue reading Other People’s Children

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What’s in a Name?

“Why was I called Karen?” I asked my dad one day. He told me it was Danish for Kathleen, the name of my mum. When I looked it up, it was very loosely based on it along with several other names. As the years went by, I noticed there were no songs declaring their love for… Continue reading What’s in a Name?


Creepy Things

by Karen J Mossman I'm not a fan of horror or paranormal. I get spooked easily and have a very active imagination. As a teenager I would be plagued by nightmares for weeks. As I grew up I knew to stay away from anything like that. Recently, I was watching Gogglebox, a TV programme that… Continue reading Creepy Things