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Memories of my dog, Ricky

Everybody remembers their first dog. Mine was Ricky, he was a terrier of some sorts and he was very intelligent.

This is Ricky, I don’t have many photos but here he is with my dad and my baby sister. He was about two when this was taken.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 10.27.14

As I said, Ricky was such an intelligent dog. I remember him coming to tell us once that our other dog, Sally, had just been run over. Luckily she was fine, but he barked and barked until we followed him and he led us to a group of people.

I’ve shared a story in The Magic of Stories book telling of the day he came to school with me. He just decided to do it. It would have been in the late sixties and no way would a dog been allowed in schools today. He played in the playground with all the children and in the afternoon, the teacher let him come into the classroom.  I hope you enjoy the story, and I promise you it is all true.

Please tell me about your dogs.

My Little Star, Tilly.

Ark Angels Animal Rescue is based in Chester. This is where we got our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Meggy, from. She is a rescue dog, taken from a puppy farm somewhere in Wales in June 2018. It was evident she’d had lots of puppies and they estimated her age as four or five.

Photo 30-01-2019, 14 46 32

I’ve continued to support the charity by taking part in their regular auctions. This helps raise much needed money.

Recently they have had an online animal show with various classes. If you want to be wowed, go and look at some of the pictures. They are so cute.

The winners were announced and Tilly, my Yorkshire terrier pup did really well.

For the Cutest Baby Section, Tilly who is now twenty months, won first place.

Tilly certificate


For the Best Action Shot, this is Tilly aged twelve months running across the beach in Anglesey. A great shot by AMG Photography, Andy Hatton.


Then Tilly got placed again. Fourth place for Best Pet with a Prop. I was absolutely thrilled.


These are the pictures that didn’t get placed, but thought I would share them anyway.

Entry for Group Shots

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 18.00.31.png


Entry for In Loving Memory

This is Jodie

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 18.04.21.png



Who loves Puppies?

In November 2018, we went to pick up our new puppy. Never having one before and being retired, we gave it a lot of thought before we decded to commit.

We used an online site and was contacted by Debbie, who had both parents, and six pups. We had already christened ours Tilly, and visited two weeks after they were born.

Nell with her pups, three girls and three boys

I didn’t think we would be able to choose with them all looking so similar. To me they looked like baby Rottweilers and it’s amazing how Yorkshire Terriers are all born black with bits of brown, then as they grow they change to a honey and a grey colour.

Debbie, picked up the three girls and they all a had different sized head. We could choose the biggest, smallest or the size in between. We chose the biggest, for no particular reason. From then on we received regular updates and photos as she grew.

Tilly in her red colour so we could identify which was her.

I’ll never forget the day we went to collect her. Going in through the front door there was a sea of puppies moving together as one down the hall way. They all looked exactly the same, but Debbie knew each one. It made me chuckle when she pointed out Tilly. The other pups had names too, Lilo, was the other one I remembered.

It never occurred to me that I would be able to watch Tilly’s sibling growing up as well. The other’s in the litter were – Ralph, Lilo, King, and Mitzi.

Debbie set up a Facebook Messenger group and we’d share photos and antics. Whenever I read about the other pups, I could always relate to them with Tilly.

The funniest was when Tilly would snuggle on my shoulder, her head close to mine. I sent a picture, and received three similar photos as the others did the same. It was so cute!

We haven’t found the first year particululary easy. Hadn’t expected such a tiny bundle to cause so havoc havoc our lives.

Standing in the garden on a freezing January morning at 5 am, getting her to wee ,was particularly gruelling. Then she wouldn’t go back to bed. We took it in turns to lie in, but that didn’t work, we had to both be up or she was scratching on doors trying to get to us.

House training her was very hard, and at times we despared of her ever learning. She is still not 100%, favouring the hall or kitchen for wee instead of going outside. Never anywhere else, so there is perhaps some progress.

In the evening when we settled to watch television, Tilly got up to every kind of michief she could. Running behind the furniture, shredding any tissues or paper. We bought chew spray to stop her chewing furniture legs and ou lounge is still full of toys and blankets she has pulled from the bed. Even now, she brings in sticks and bark to chew leaving the remenents all over the floor. It takes me back to when I had little children, (not that they chewed bark!) and that’s what puppies are as they grown and learn.

She liked to tuck her tail between her legs and run in circles at a 100 mile an hour, usually at 10 pm!

These days, I’ve begun to see suble changes in her. In the evening, she sleeps, waking for a play, then happy to go to her bed and when we go. She’ll sleep all night until we wake in the morning. She knows the times of breakfast and dinner, albeit a little earlier sometimes.

Tilly is full of character. Her head going from side to side as she listens to us speak. Often she wants a cuddle and presses her head against ours. She still can’t walk in a straight line, but once off the lead, is happy to stay by us. She still loves to do fast running and enjoys having the ball thrown for her.

Lately, instead of having to fight her for the ball to throw, she will lay it at our feet and back up waiting for us to pick it up. Then return to do the same. She is very clever with a ball, tossing it in the air and catching it in her mouth. She has a lot of fun throwing it, tossing, and chasing it around. She’ll do the same with a plastic cap too!

Barking excessivly, still drives us mad. She thinks everything that goes on outside the house is her business. A man walking by, horses, a bus, in fact anything to bark madly at. In fact, it doesn’t have to be anything at all. She’ll sometimes stand on the picnic table with her nose in the air barking at the moon.

We live near a jet base, and they fly loudly above. The noise doesn’t bother her, and I think as a consequence, bonfire night, or New Year celebrations, don’t affect her at all.

Tilly’s parent’s had another litter six months after the first. Now we have the thrill of seeing Gracie, Monty, Oscar, and Poppy growing up. Mitzy’s owner, couldn’t resist on of the new pups, so she had Monty as well.

Seeing the puppy antics reminds me how far we have come with Tilly, and I’m to be able to tell them, things will get better.

Tilly is a joy, and when she was six month old, we got a rescue dog, too. Meggy came from a puppy farm, aged about 4 or 5. She had no collar, no name, and was totally bewildered, and traumatised. She is a Cavilier King Charles Spaniel and loves Tilly. She has learnt a lot from her and recently has begun to play with the ball. Seeing her come out of her shell has been miraculous. When we first had her, where ever you put her, she stayed still, only moving to go from one bed to another. In the two weeks she was in a foster home, she was toilet trained. Now I let her out and the first thing she does is wee. Tilly, the little devil, won’t. You can still wait forever for her to perform!

Guess who is top dog? Yes, Tilly. When they run together, Tilly will try and get her to play by jumping on her back or tugging at her ears. Meggy is so tolerant and puts up with a lot. I wouldn’t be without them now. It’s a joy watching Meggly bloom and learn how to be a pet, and Tilly, who still makes us laugh, is growing into a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier.

A Walk in the Park?

No, it’s more than that!

I’m really lucky to live here in Anglesey, and count my blessings every day.

Winter can be a difficult time for us all as the weather turns really cold. The coast can also be very chilly with the wind whipping up over the sea. It’s fine if you wrap up warmly.

Yesterday the sun shone making everything look beautiful and I took the dogs to Penrhos coastal park, which is on the tip of the island. Technically, Holy Island is separate from the main island, connected by two bridges.

Here are a few pictures from the walk.

This is one of the little coves as you walk along the coast. I watched a spaniel running along the rocks. I was justing thinking how they must be immune to the cold, when he squatted, thigh deep in the water, and pooed!

This was the next beach and we walked along a path slightly above it. The dogs saw a gap in the hedge, and ran off to see the sea!

They came straight back and I’m sure they were glad of their coats, too.

Following many of the pathways, this one took us to the woodland and red squirral territory. There is a bench at the bottom, which is not easily seen in this picture. If you look carefully, you can just make out a person sitting on it. What you can’t see is that she was wearing a red hat. As I got closer, I realised it wasn’t a person at all. If was a tree trunk just behind covered in ivy, with rust colours leaves on the top!

I don’t know who Tunncliffe is, but his seat is very attractive. It faces the sea, so I imagine many bottoms have graced it.

These pretty benches overlook the sea with views across the village of Valley. They each have plaques with the names of people who obviously loved Penrhos. They always have flowers on them. It’s so touching, as they will always be remembered.

I hope you have enjoyed my walk out with the dogs. If you are ever in the area, you must visit the coastal park. There are so many paths to adventure down, it’s always a treat.