A Light in the Darkness by Lisa Sniderman

On sale - 21st - 26th September 2020 In 2008, singer-songwriter Lisa Sniderman was living the dream in California. As Aoede, the Muse of Song, her star as a gifted recording artist was rising fast. Lisa’s quirky folk-pop performance style electrified audiences up and down the West Coast, and the albums just kept flowing. But… Continue reading A Light in the Darkness by Lisa Sniderman

Author Interview, Children’s Stories

Author Interview, About a Book – P. J. Roscoe

P. J. RoscoeAdventures of Faerie folk series The Faerie Perfume and The Rose Faerie The second collection of faerie stories that teach children how to live in the world with positivity and love – or something will smell bad!In the Faerie Perfume, after he receives faerie perfume as a reward for a good deed, people… Continue reading Author Interview, About a Book – P. J. Roscoe

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Author Interview, About a Book – Don R. McCann

Don R. McCannEdo Blood Description John Aarons is a college student from Wright University (Dayton, Ohio) and is majoring in Asian Studies, with a minor in Japanese Feudal History.  This term, he’s studying the Edo Period and is going on a field trip to Kagoshima, Japan to visit some old monuments and monasteries.  While at… Continue reading Author Interview, About a Book – Don R. McCann

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Thrilling Reads on Kindle Unlimited!

A good book is what we all love to be inspired by. I want to introduce you to three thrilling stories by MJT Meyer, Brian O'Hare and Rodney Page. MJT Meyer is a writer based in Australia. Disbelief is the first book in the Ben Smit Series. Multiple mass-poisonings at pilgrimage sites throughout Europe.Sophie Pearson,… Continue reading Thrilling Reads on Kindle Unlimited!


How Do You Choose Your Next Book?

by Karen J Mossman I always have a book on the go. It's the way I relax and you know it's a good story when you think about it between reads, and you can't wait to get back to it.I see books all the time. The first thing that draws me is the cover. The… Continue reading How Do You Choose Your Next Book?


A Cry in the Night by Karen J Mossman is Free

To the entire world Rick has it all, rock stardom, fame, fortune… but inside he is burning out.On the edge of depression and a breakdown he takes to an isolated shoreside hideaway and crawls into a bottle.But he is not alone.Gemma is in the apartment below, a lonesome, solitary figure, who is always in tears.Inevitably… Continue reading A Cry in the Night by Karen J Mossman is Free

Children’s Stories

Who is the Grey Man?

Free to Download 28th - 1st September Description He is a legend. He is a mystery. And he can only be seen by children.  He is the Gray Man. Ten year old “TJ” is about to embark on a journey that no one in this small Florida town has ever taken – and lived. Strange… Continue reading Who is the Grey Man?

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Books to Read in a Weekend

I've got a Kindle Unlimited membership and I've been making good use of it lately. It really feels like I don't have to pay for books anymore. That's why I like having my stories in KU. These are novellas, which means they can be read over a weekend. So if you love reading and have… Continue reading Books to Read in a Weekend


The Doom Murders – Free Book

Free to download 20th - 24th August Description Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in grotesquely distorted shapes. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except odd theatrical props and some random numbers and letters concealed at each scene by the killer. How are… Continue reading The Doom Murders – Free Book

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National Grandparent’s Day

When I was a child, I saw a lot of my grandparents. My grandpa, on my Dad’s side, passed away when I was just seven. For the rest of my childhood and teenage years I had my Grandma, and my Nana and Papa. The latter lived in Oswestry, a small market town on the edge… Continue reading National Grandparent’s Day