The Mystery of Missing People

by Karen J Mossman Like many people, I enjoy a good mystery. Stories where you need to know what happens next. Tales that pique your curiosity, and keep you turning the page to get to the end. Over the years, I’ve found missing people intriguing. Why did they disappear in the first place? Was itContinue reading “The Mystery of Missing People”

Stories Based on a Song

A while ago I read a book called Riddle by Elizabeth Horton Newton. I really enjoyed it and reviewed it on my blog. I found out later it was based on the Richard Marx’s song Hazard. This was really cool because my own book Down by River was also based on the ninties song. BothContinue reading “Stories Based on a Song”

Playing the Game

Play the Game has a great story. “He couldn’t take responsibility for me as it was tough looking after himself.” This is Stella talking about her dad. All she ever wanted was his love again, but he never recovered from the shock that tore their family apart. Someone had to be strong and Stella tookContinue reading “Playing the Game”