The Christmas Event

by Karen J Mossman

Table was set. Turkey cooking. Presents wrapped. I drank wine to celebrate.

Then I stopped. “Oh my God!” What had I done? Or rather not done.

I grab my coat, run back and grabbed my phone. Ordered Uber. Shoving my shoes in my feet, purse and phone in my shopping bag, I run outside. Coat trapped in door, I lock up as Uber rolls up.

“Where to?”

“The Trafford Centre?”

“You sure?”

Trafford Centre, Christmas Eve? He’s right. “The Mall, then.” He nodded. He drives off.

I thank him, climb out, and rush inside.  It was full of odd-balls. The four-foot man who walks with his right arm outstretched is in today. The woman with the doll in a push chair is also here. Loopy folks.

People pour around me. “Where’re am I going?” I say out loud. A man looks me oddly. I turn and collide with a mobility scooter.

“Ow! Sorry!” The owner scowls as I limp into a gift shop, dabbing blood on my  knee with tissue. What was he driving? A spiked chariot!!

“The Mall will be closing in 10 minutes. Please make your way towards the nearest till.” Says the tannoy. I groan.

I march to the counter. Sweep eyes left and right. “I’ll have one of those, one of those, that and this, please.”

“Do you want them gift wrapped?”

“Yes!” I gasp. She wraps, I wait. Anxiously I look at the door.

“Thank you so much.” Gave her a big smile and left.

Outside open the app. Uber. 5 minutes away. Your driver is Sharif.

I wait, and wait. Check phone. Glare at screen. Driving going in opposite direction. Rang him. Directed him back.

He’s ull of apologies,  “I’m new,” he explains.

“Don’t you track me? I was tracking you?”

“I was driving,” he said. Roll eyes.

Arriving home, Christmas lights on. Hubby home is back work.

“Hello darling,”he says as I fall head long through door. Parcels scatter. “One too many?”


Presents under the Christmas tree. Smiling husband. Glass of red.

“Have we got everything now?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say.  I forgot his presents. Won’t tell him – at least not yet.

A fun short Christmas story.

The Pefect Christmas

Want something festive?

Want a free short story?

The Perfect Christmas

When Liam invites his girlfriend Kayla over at Christmas, he never imagines he would be getting married in nothing but his boxers and a bow tie.

A humerous and naughty short story to add a bit of spice to your Christmas!

Click here to download a copy.

Christmas Poetry

– reblogged from Stevie Turner ‘s site.

Stevie suggested we share our Christmas peoems, so if you have one you would like to share, post the link in the comments and I will post it on the run up to Chrimstas.


The clock ticks on as I lie and wait,
My stocking along my bed,
I wonder if he’ll come while I’m awake,
The man with the beard dressed in red.

Out of the window I see the moon,
It’s watching me trying to sleep.
Will Father Christmas come soon?
Will he tip toe with quietened feet?

Out of the window falls the snow,
Little bits then lots and lots.
How will he see where to go?
I hope he doesn’t get lost!

Does he remember the way here?
Does he know which is my gate?
Have I been good this year?
Getting to school never late?

Can he tell if I’m still awake?
What if I see him, what if I peep?
Will he hear any noises I make?
Oh! Will I ever fall asleep!

Will I ever see the early morn?
Will it always be the night?
How I long to see the dawn,
To see my bedroom bathed in light.

I don’t remember falling asleep.
I don’t remember seeing Santa come,
Feeling something heavy at my feet,
Leaping from bed, he’s been and gone!




One Christmas

As the festive season is almost upon us, I’m really pleased to announce I have written a short story to one-christmasbook-cover celebrate the occasion.
Christmas should be a happy time of year with lots of merriment, celebration, and family around us. We all want it to be special and memorable for the right reasons.
Unfortunately, life has a way of throwing us a bum deal occasionally, and it’s especially difficult at this time of year.
Tina tells her story and I hope by the end of it, you will feel the warmth richness of family and memorable times.