Stories & Flash Fiction


The magic starts here. Escapism is the key to this website.

Stories to disappear in to, just click on a link to see where it will take you.

The Christmas Event by Karen J Mossman
Grief Makes You Lonely – a story excerpt by Karen J Mossman
Terror – flash fiction by Karen J Mossman
I love Men! Flash Fiction by Karen J Mossman
Our Street is Bloody Offal  Flash Fiction by Karen J Mossman
First Sight – Flash Fiction by Karen J Mossman
Deja Vu – by Karen J Mossman
Beauty and the Beast – fan fiction by Karen J Mossman
A Silent Joy – a Chrimstmas Story by Amanda Hamilton
The Perfect Christmas by Karen J MossmanA Christmas Tale by Paul White
Christmas Poetry by Karen J Mossman
A Case for Adjectives – reblogged from Author Carole Parkes
The Coin – by Toni Kief
Isolation by Paul White
Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky Flash Fiction by C. A. Keith
Companion by Penny Wilson
A Strange Goodbye by Toni Kief
Home For Christmas by Karen J Mossman
 Pedicure from Hell by K A Neeson
The Safe Place by Matt Beighton
Her First Time by CA Keith
Runt of the Litter by Chris HayesA Persistence of Owls by Judith Rook
Summer of Love by Jane Rison
For Love by L.C. Bennett Stern
A Chance Encounter – Jenn Deese
Cloudbursting by Anita Kovacevic 
The Inkwell Patrick Elliot
The Way of Things by Paul White.
Mr Harrison by Paul White