fantasy-782001_1920The Magic starts here. Escapism is the key and short stories to disappear into will start appearing here. The links will take you Wattpad where there are 100s for stories for you to read. I am gradually adding mine.

A Stranger on the Train – October
Moon Blanket
Terror  when it strikes it is immobilizing.
I love Men!  she knew what she was and more importantly what she wasn’t.
Our Street is Bloody Offal an incident with a tanker.
First SightYou never know when love will hit. Sometimes it is the most unlikely of situations.
Deja Vu One minute Elise is galloping down a Californian beach on her stallion, Judge and the next she wakes up on the floor at a gymkhana in England!
Beauty and the Beastfan fiction
A Silent Joy – a story for Christmas