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Welcome to the stories feed. This is just a quick brief of a stories that catch our eye, be it true or fiction.

24th November – I’m busy setting up giveaways at the moment and will announce them here. I have will be giving away copies of The Secret to celebrate its first birthday on 1st December. Also Electric Eclectic books have a super giveaway planned for the same date, several books and gift cards on offer there. Also on 1st, I shall be sharing the link for you to download my free Christmas story..

16th November – The big story of the moment is Brexit, with the Prime Minister’s MPs resigning in protest. We listen to radio in wonderment – what is going happen next. The Brexit deal is an impossible one. No one will agree, everyone has an opinion. Whoever makes the deal will be wrong. It’s a mess.

14th November – A fellow writer asked for some help in writing a romantic scene as it wasn’t his forte. The scene was written and will also be created into to a short story especially for Christmas. When it it ready, we shall announce it here.