True Stories

True stories can sometimes be as fascinating as fiction. Here are a few of mine and stories from others. If you have a story that would fit here, use the contact form to let me know.


Lynnon Mill – The last working windmill on Anglesey.
Childhood Pranks – we were just kids playing around.
A New McDonalds – things were not straightforward when the new restaurant opened.
Famous People – stories involving a bit of cheek or a bit of embarrassment.
Little Man, Big Man – one little man thought he was a big man.
A Baby Butterfly – the beginning of a new life.
Days Like This – sometimes it isn’t your day.
Taking a trip – not intentionally
Race you – a dash to the bathroom
Embarrassing – speaks for itself, really!
Henshaw’s Society for the Blind – through the eyes of a visitor in 1889.
Sweetness of the Seventies
August 6th, 1972








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