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This is my diary page where I will share things happening to me, things going on in my head, or just random thoughts and things that amuse me. I’ll talk about my writing here, my dilemmas and ideas for new books and stories. Or just life in general, serious, funny, sad, lyrical, it will all eventually be here.

Life on an Island – exploring.
Racial Abuseabuse on a tram, which got me thinking.
Predictive Text – don’t you just hate it sometimes?

House Move

On April 1st, we moved to Anglesey. Previous to that we had lived in Stretford, Manchester for 28 years. So it was a big step and the best step we ever did. I love where I live now and I love my bungalow. So I will be prone to write about it.

Before The Move – 2 weeks before
The Last Day in My House
The Day of the Move
Lost & Found
When Things Go Wrong