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About a Book – It Had to Be You by Taisha DeMay

Introducing Taisha DeMay Website Where did the idea for the story come from? The idea for It Had to Be You, came from a story the news show 60 Minutes did on immigrants and ways they make it over to American soil. It inspired me to write about a woman who stows away on a… Continue reading About a Book – It Had to Be You by Taisha DeMay


Paradise Road by Marilyn Kriete

The Stunning Debut Memoir by Canada's Own Marilyn KrieteReleased and published by Lucid House Publishing!The book is available worldwide in paperback! Description A restless child of the 1960s, Marilyn yearns for love, hippiedom, and escape from her mother’s control. At 14, she runs nearly a thousand miles away to Vancouver, British Columbia, eventually landing herself… Continue reading Paradise Road by Marilyn Kriete


What is it about books!

At the beginning of the year I lost my reading mojo and flitted about trying unsuccessfully to source something I wanted to read. Then I remembered Twilight, which I recently blogged about. Afterwards, I read Claimed by Seraphym, followed closely, Watching Glass Shatter, both exceptionally entertaining reads. All of them were large books, which I… Continue reading What is it about books!

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Watching Glass Shatter by James J.Cudney

Karen's Magic Review I follow James's blog, and it was on here that I saw this book. There was something about the description that intrigued me, but I didn't download it straight away. It was only while I was looking for something to read that I remembered it. The reason I hadn't downloaded it was… Continue reading Watching Glass Shatter by James J.Cudney

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April Discounted and Free Books

April 1-7  99p/99c Description An abandoned house, an abundance of dogs. And a dead body or two. Sheridan Hendley’s volunteer position at Pets and Paws takes a new turn when more than twenty malnourished dogs are found at a rundown house on the outskirts of town. When the body of an elderly woman is found… Continue reading April Discounted and Free Books

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Something special for writers comes this way…

This is just perfect for a writer and I have ordered my copy.

Electric Eclectic's Blog

We writers can be a funny old lot, scribbling notes, making sketches, writing links for research sites.

We also like to our minds to be stimulated, given ideas, offered hints, motivated, inspired, and fueled with all those thoughts only creative minds can conjure.

Electric Eclectic knows this only too well; after all we are an international alliance of authors.

Now, for the first time, Electric Eclectic has designed an Authors Journal specifically made for our often-overactive minds.

While we leave plenty of room for notetaking, sketches, and ‘random’ material, we include helpful pages on a plethora of inspirational and helpful author and writers ‘stuff.’

Order your copy today, even get extra, so you can gift them to you friends.

Find the Electric Eclectic authors journal on Amazon,

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About a Book – In Times of Violence by Karina Kantas

Introducing Karina Kantas Website Where did the idea for the story come from? A lot of In Times of Violence is biographical, experiences I went through when I was a teen and some of it is fiction. I’m a huge fan of S.E.Hinton’s novellas. The Outsiders hit me the strongest.They were outsiders. Never felt like… Continue reading About a Book – In Times of Violence by Karina Kantas

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The Stolen Child by Brian McGilloway

Karen's Magic Review I found this on my kindle and I've no recollection where I got it from. However, as it was a short read, I gave it a go. Now, I have never heard of this author but knew instantly I was reading a master story-teller. This short crime thriller had a lot packed… Continue reading The Stolen Child by Brian McGilloway


The Wrong House by Christie Stratos

Karen's Magic Review I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting with this one. I know this author from around Facebook and that she writes Victorian novels which are very popular. When I saw her advertising this as a short story, I thought it a good time to sample her work. It was very atmospheric,… Continue reading The Wrong House by Christie Stratos

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Claimed by Seraphym by Denna Holm

Karen’s Magic Review I have been waiting a long time to read book three of the Raiden Warriors Series, and I wasn’t disappointed. Denna Holm has a magical way of building a believable world on another planet and making it all seem normal. The character of Seraphym was introduced in book one, and I felt… Continue reading Claimed by Seraphym by Denna Holm