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5 Happy Choices – The simple way to a happier life

A new direction from critically acclaimed fiction author and certified professional coach, Kristina Rienzi Published by Indigo Hawk Group and will be released February 1, 2022 A happier life is only 5 Happy Choices away! In this energizing and thought-provoking self-help book, bestselling author and certified professional coach Kristina Rienzi reveals five simple and proven choices you… Continue reading 5 Happy Choices – The simple way to a happier life


Break Through To Yes

Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration “A work that couldn’t be more timely.” Collaboration expert, David B. Savage, brings his business expertise, stories, and processes to the forefront. Amazon Us Amazon CA Amazon UK Praise for Break Through to Yes!! “David B. Savage’s Break Through to Yes provides the key for real success – collaboration!”  … Continue reading Break Through To Yes

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A Partner in Crime by Tony McManus

Karen’s Magic Review I had forgotten how good short stories are. They really aren’t given enough credit. Partners in Crime is just 20 pages long. A neat short-to-the-point read. When done well like this one, it's very satisfying. I was always taught to write about what you know, and I know the author lives in… Continue reading A Partner in Crime by Tony McManus

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The Tattoo Murder

A novel with a new direction by Award-winning author and broadcaster, Bob Brill Released and published by Tuscany Bay BooksThe book is available worldwide digitally The Tattoo Murder” is the story of a U-S Army combat veteran who became a police officer back in his hometown after he’d seen enough injustice in the world.A different… Continue reading The Tattoo Murder

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Reboots: Undead Can Dance

A SPACE OPERA OF WILD PROPORTIONS BY THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED WRITING DUO OF MERCEDES LACKEY & CODY MARTIN! Released and published by Caezik Notables, a division of Arc Manor Books!The book will be available in digital and print! "Unfettered oddball entertainment.”—Publisher’s Weekly Say hello to Humph the Boggart, the principled, down-on-his-luck private detective, Skinny Jim… Continue reading Reboots: Undead Can Dance

Novella, Paranormal

Below Torrential Hill, a New Release by Jonathan Koven

Release Date: December 3rd, 2021 190 pages It’s Christmas, and strange occurrences are plaguing the small town of Torrential Hill: a supernatural comet, undead insects, exploding streetlights, and a presence luring people into the woods. But when the mother of Tristen—a wistful, fatherless sixteen-year-old boy—hears voices from the kitchen sink, all he can think of… Continue reading Below Torrential Hill, a New Release by Jonathan Koven

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Dare you go down to the Basement?

I’ve never been a horror lover, and have known about this book for a while. When it came on offer, I couldn’t resist downloading it. At a hundred pages long, it was worth taking a chance. Even if it was too horrific, silly, or gory, I could at least say I had read it. Surprisingly,… Continue reading Dare you go down to the Basement?


Just in Time for The Holiday Season!

HUGS, KISSES, AND MISTLETOE WISHES -- Release: November 2nd 2021 Eight Alberta romance writers have combined their talents to publish one blockbuster eight-novel collection under a single title: Hugs, Kisses, and Mistletoe Wishes. The idea was born during the pandemic when the writer friends held weekly Zoom meetings to share creative advice and moral support.… Continue reading Just in Time for The Holiday Season!


Cult of Dracula, #1, by Rich Davis

Karen's Magic Review This is the first time I have ever read a graphic novel. I didn't know how I was going to react to it, as the stories I read always contain words. Instead, it was told in colourful drawings with people interacting with each other. It was clever the way it was done.… Continue reading Cult of Dracula, #1, by Rich Davis

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A War Time Story to Tear Up Your Heart. The Girls In The Attic by Marius Gabriel

Julie Northup, my friend and colleague at Norns Triad Publishing, one day said she was going off to read. I asked what she was reading and she replied The Girls in The Attic. I remembered a book from many years ago called Flowers in the Attic and thought it may have been connected. ‘No,’ she… Continue reading A War Time Story to Tear Up Your Heart. The Girls In The Attic by Marius Gabriel