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Heroes are not always the traditional man on a horse coming to the rescue; they come in many shapes and sizes. Heroes are also sometimes within ourselves.

Nine short stories set in the past and the present, from a war-torn country to an American gangster, and an English highwayman.

Amongst the rest, pen friends who have never met, a woman on the brink of suicide, and someone who has to face their fears to trap an enemy.

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Million to One

Things were different now. Her father had gone and Vinnie Costello was the name she mentioned.

Perhaps that was why she had fallen in love with him. At the same time, she hadn’t wanted to fall for someone like him. Disappointment and let-downs always followed.

Pouring another glass of brandy her tears were again replaced by anger. Her father had been dead two years, and she still missed him although she had seen more of her boarding school teachers than she had of him.

She could still hear his voice in her head, “Ah, my little princess.” He’d stroke her hair and tell her how pretty she was. And she fell for it every time. She would melt under his touch because he had a way with women.

Now there was Vinnie. Tall, handsome and influential, Vinnie had a deep rich voice which he used to great effect. One touch from him and she were butter in his hands. Such beautiful hands knew how to make magic and ignite her.

Vinnie was a man full of confidence. He was sure of who he was and his place in life. He was a man whose looks got him talked about, respected and feared. The last thing she wanted was to become dependent on him, but tonight, she only had to mention his name and was brought to his apartment.

Libby was angry because she wanted Vinnie to be here too. She wanted him to hold her, tell her she did the right thing. Why did she need a man to tell her, anyway? Just like her Dad, a kiss on the head and the assurance that everything was going to be all right. God, she was so fickle.

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