Gems of Strength

gemsofstrengthGenre: Short stories by women about women

The weaker sex? There’s no such thing!

Enter Anna, who fights against evil for what she knows is right. Enter Chessie, who must battle prejudice and overcome the torment she holds inside.

Read Delia’s story, a struggle against domestic violence. Follow the tale of Apple as she struggles with her demons. And be inside the story with nameless women who must deal with the loss of a child, the inner struggle of uncertain sexuality, the escape from domestic violence, the healing of assault, and the finding of love.

These characters embody the strength of women, strip away the illusion of weakness, and bring hope of things to come. The authors of The Sisterhood bring you these poignant short stories and demonstrate there is nothing weak about women!

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Gems - mine



When the second week rolled in and Janet showed no signs of moving on, Joanna had to be straight.

“You’re chucking me out?” Janet glared as if something obscene had been suggested.

“Look Janet. I said to you the other day, I don’t want to know anything about my mum or what went on between you. I left all that a long time ago. You asked me to put you up for a few days and I have. Have you even looked for somewhere else?”

“Of course I have! They don’t grow on trees, you know!” she snapped.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. I just can’t go back, you know what she’s like.”

Joanna knew all too well, but it really wasn’t her problem. “I need my space back. You either find somewhere by the end of the week, or you’ll just have to go back home.”

Janet erupted. “That’s not a home, it’s a fucking prison. How can you even say that to me!”

Joanna folded her arms. “You’re not my responsibility, Janet. I can’t be involved.”

“You are involved. She’s still your mum, you know.”

“Not any more she’s not. I won’t get involved again and I’ve had enough of you! You need to leave!”

Joanna could feel herself getting more and more angry and then Janet’s expression changed.

“You never did like me,” she sneered. “And I remember all that trouble you caused…”

“Shut up!” Joanna felt her face flush. “I want you out, do you understand?”

“Your mum was right, you don’t care for anyone but yourself. I’ve gone out of my way to be nice to you, without even a thank you.”

“It’s time to go, Janet!” Joanna said as firmly as she could. “I don’t want you here any more.”

“It’s not fair,” she suddenly wailed.

“When is life ever fair? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway, coming into my flat demanding fairness?” Her rage was bubbling over, and couldn’t stop. “Stand on your own two feet. I had too!”

“Oh yeah, and we all know what a martyr you were!”

Joanna lashed out and slapped her.

One hand on her cheek, Janet hissed, “Oh dear, have I hit a nerve?”

Joanna slapped her again, this time harder and Janet fell sideways.

“All right! Don’t hit me,” she screamed

Trembling, Joanna pointed her finger and hissed, “I don’t take that kind of lip from anyone. This is my home, not yours.”

Janet nodded, this time there was fear on her face.

“Look at yourself, how do you expect to get anywhere looking like that, anyway? I wouldn’t be surprised if your dad didn’t want you back either. I mean I’d be surprised if anyone wanted you!”

Janet stood up, “You’re a right bitch!” And with that she fled out of the door and down the stairs.