Gems of Gratitude

gems-of-gratitudeGenre: Short Stories about being grateful for something

From the Gems of Strength authors comes the second book in the Gems of Sisterhood series! The theme of this book is, of course, gratitude!
Meet Detective Cara Solino, a young woman following in her father’s footsteps. Can she solve the case he was unable to?
Find out how Chloe’s mother discovers a way to keep her daughter’s dream alive under the worst possible circumstances!
Read about young Lady Iona, a child of the Elven Forest, as she struggles to give her daughter a fighting chance in a harsh world.
Cheer on Sharliss as she finally takes control of her own life, and becomes a better person.
Meet Julie, who gathers information on history, and Jody, an elderly dog whose time to cross  The Rainbow Bridge is near.
These stories and more are within these pages, just waiting for YOU!

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Later I awoke in the hospital room and was wired up to monitors as they took my readings on a screen behind me.

“Welcome back,” Dr Goad said, “How do you feel?”

“Exhausted, but all right.”

“What happened?” Marcus, the Time Technician asked and realised, Ricardo, my travel colleague and Jason, the directorate, were also standing by my bed anxiously looking at me.

I shook my head. “I don’t really know.”

“We need a debrief and quickly,” said Jason.

“She’s not really up to it yet,” said Dr Goad.

“Talk us through the readings?” Jason said looking at the LED screen behind me. The all looked at it, but I didn’t have the energy turn around.

“It’s pretty normal,” he said. “I don’t see anything unusual, blood pressure slightly high, but nothing to be alarmed at.”

“Then why do I feel like I’ve not slept for a month?” I said.

“Good question,” said Jason, “That’s what we need to find out.”

I was really tired but knew the debrief was important. I pushed myself into a sitting position.

“I’m not happy about this,” Dr Goad said.

“I’ll be okay. Let’s just do this?” I struggled to the side of the bed, “I need help to get up.”

Ricardo immediately brought a wheelchair to the bed. “Hop on m’lady,” he said, and I smiled. These contraptions were as old as the hills. There weren’t often used, so had never been updated.

I lowered into the chair and felt myself lean to the left as if I was out of balance. Marcus and Ricardo grabbed my arm as they thought I was falling.

“Whoa, be careful,” said Ricardo.

Sitting down, I felt light-headed and put it down to exhaustion. Ricardo and I had been on many trips to the Past gathering evidence of historical events for the government, but nothing had ever been like this.