Flash Fiction

elf-478330_1920Flash Fiction by guest authors.

Authors, do you have a short story between 500 and 700 words? Please email it to me in a Word doc with one image and a social media link.


The Perfect Christmas
A Christmas Tale
Christmas Poetry
A Case for Adjectives – reblogged
The Coin – by Toni Kief
Isolation by Paul White
Our Street is Bloody Offal! by Karen J Mossman
Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky by C. A. Keith
Companion by Penny Wilson
A Strange Goodbye by Toni Kief

Dec 17

Home For Christmas
Nov 17 Pedicure from Hell by K A Neeson
Oct 17 –  The Safe Place by Matt Beighton
Sept 17 – Her First Time by CA Keith
Aug 17 – Runt of the Litter by Chris Hayes
Jul 17 – A Persistence of Owls by Judith Rook
Jun 17 – Summer of Love by Jane Risdon
May 17  – For Love by L.C. Bennett Stern
April 17 –
A Chance Encounter – Jenn Deese
March 17 – Cloudbursting by Anita Kovacevic 
February 17 – The Inkwell Patrick Elliot
January 17The Way of Things by Paul White.
December  16A Silent Joy by Amanda Hamilton
September 16 Mr Harrison by Paul White
August 16 A Good Cause by Karen J Mossman