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I am part of this, and everything he said is true. If you are an author and work on your own, why not work with us? Together we are better.

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We are all guilty, at times, of taking things for granted, and that includes me.

For example, I have taken it for granted you know what Electric Eclectic is and how it works, which I know you, or at least many people, do not.

So, I shall endeavour to explain…

Whether you are an established author, an emerging writer or a debut novelist, all of us have one main wish when it comes to our works; we want our books to be read.

To achieve your dream, you must let the world know you have written a great work, a wonderful collection of short stories or poetry, an enticing novel, your mémoire, or whatever writings you may publish.

This is when things become difficult for indie authors. Few of us have the funds, the know-how, the contacts, the experience or the backing to compete with mainstream publishing houses.

Neither do…

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Nero the ‘SPLAT’ Cat

I love cats and dogs and this is a great blog about a cat called Nero and how young Nero had his first collar. It will make you laugh and the pictures of him are so cute.

Claire Plaisted - Author

Honest to God, sometimes I don’t understand the mind of a cat, they do the daftest things one could imagine.

We’ve had Nero since the end of April, making him 16 mths old. He is one of those cats who loves tummy rubs, insists on a morning cuddle and is starting to enjoy going outside to play with the neighbour’s cats. Not that they necessarily want him to play.

On Sunday we went shopping and I remembered to buy him a collar. It was a lovely bright blue colour with a bell. The first thing we did was take the bell off. Nero hates noises like that. My darling husband warned me to put on gloves and long sleeves due to a cat who hates being handled unless he’s ready. Strangely enough, without gloves or long sleeves, I was able to put the collar on him without any issue.


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August Electric Press now live…

There are plenty of superb articles, short stories, and books to share in this magazine. My book Toxic is featured and look out for Victory75, a VE day anthology, I’ve written an article based on the story in the book. All reblogs of this will be gratefully appreciated.

Electric Press

The August 2020 edition of Electric Press – Literary Insights magazine is now online. Read for FREE by following this link



We welcome contributions and submissions for the next edition of Electric Press magazine, the November 2020 edition. Click HEREfor details

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Introduction to The Magic of Stories book

The Magic of Stories is part of Electric Eclectic Books. Stories are wonderful, they weave magical threads that draw you into a world different from your own. We all need escapism and many, like me, like to do this with a good book. I've always said stories are not just fictional.  True life tales can… Continue reading Introduction to The Magic of Stories book

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A Bus Drive Never Forgotten

We've all travelled on a coach or bus in our youth when we were young and carefree. For me I remember a train ride where four of us went on a day trip to Alderley Edge, in Cheshire. A area where the 'Edge' provides magnificent views as well as a few interesting caves along the… Continue reading A Bus Drive Never Forgotten

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Stories Based on a Song

A while ago I read a book called Riddle by Elizabeth Horton Newton. I really enjoyed it and reviewed it on my blog. I found out later it was based on the Richard Marx's song Hazard. This was really cool because my own book Down by River was also based on the ninties song. Both… Continue reading Stories Based on a Song

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Learning Draft2Digital

This site seems to have gone from strength to strength recently. Uploading your book is fairly straight forward, but the magic begins when your book is published.. All books now have their own page, and by clicking on the title in the main dashboard brings up this. In here you can see that your book… Continue reading Learning Draft2Digital


Drawings from the Past

My husband's late aunt  was a hoarder and never threw things away. Sh kept all her mothers thing's including letters and photographs.I found this little gem of an album when we were looking through her drawers.Annie, known as Nan was born in 1886. I believe children often kept this albums and got family and friends… Continue reading Drawings from the Past

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Your Facebook Pages – How To Get The Best Out of Them

I’ve have been exploring Facebook Pages recently and it's surprising how much you can discover by just looking around. I don't know all the answers but want to share what I've found and suggest how to get the most out of our business pages. If there is something you have learnt that I haven't covered,… Continue reading Your Facebook Pages – How To Get The Best Out of Them