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Watching Glass Shatter by James J.Cudney

Karen's Magic Review I follow James's blog, and it was on here that I saw this book. There was something about the description that intrigued me, but I didn't download it straight away. It was only while I was looking for something to read that I remembered it. The reason I hadn't downloaded it was… Continue reading Watching Glass Shatter by James J.Cudney

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The Best Romance Book Ever!

Love Ever After is on Kindle Unlimited which means you can read for free if you have a membership. My story is not for the faint hearted. It involves an uncomfortable interrogation scene and it was a first for me. Tanya, an aid worker in the old Yugoslavia wants to help the people who have… Continue reading The Best Romance Book Ever!

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Behind the Name, author Gary Winstead

I am an author at Crimson Cloak Publishing, I also do some marketing work for them. Because of this I've read a number of their books, and know most of the authors at least by name.It's a funny world where we only know people by name and their words become their personality. Gary Winstead is… Continue reading Behind the Name, author Gary Winstead

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Win a Kindle Fire 8″ Tablet

Kindle Fire 8” Tablet, 64 GB, Ad Free – Value $118 (colour may vary and cover not included) During the month of November 2020, my publisher Crimson Cloak Publishing is giving away this fantastic Kindle tablet. All you need to do is purchase one of our eBooks during the month, then take a screen screenshot… Continue reading Win a Kindle Fire 8″ Tablet


Things You’d Wished You’d Done

As you get older, you realise there are things you wished you had done and worst of all, r it's too late now. When I was seventeen I wanted to jump from a plane with a parachute. It wasn't widely available as it is now, and I thought, one day, maybe. Then I became a… Continue reading Things You’d Wished You’d Done


Pictures Telling Stories, Down by the River

Down by the River is a novella and published through Crimson Cloak Publishing. It was inspired by the nineties song Hazard by Richard Marx. It told a wonderful story accompanied by atmospheric music. The caravan is where Ricky lives on the outskirts of town. A bad boy who has had run ins with both the… Continue reading Pictures Telling Stories, Down by the River


Pictures Telling Stories, Famous People, Famous Places

I've long had a fascination about the lives famous people live. What are they really like behind closed doors? Who do they love? Without intention I looked back and realised I written this into many of my stories. The first picture Joanna's Journey tells how she meets a guy on the train, who turned out… Continue reading Pictures Telling Stories, Famous People, Famous Places


Dreaming up a Story

I've been involved with an anthology that comes out twice a year and sometimes have used revamped old stories, and occasionally brand new ones. The latter is always difficult to come up with a totally new idea. I should plan ahead but always seem to get involved in other things then realise I've left it… Continue reading Dreaming up a Story


Pictures Telling Stories, Distant Time

I've always loved time travel films, I find them so intriguing. At the moment I'm watching Timeless on Netflix. Distant Time began life as a short story but there was something about it that spoke to me and it needed expanding into something that provided more answers. Julie worked for the government within a team… Continue reading Pictures Telling Stories, Distant Time