Pictures Telling Stories, Down by the River

Down by the River is a novella and published through Crimson Cloak Publishing. It was inspired by the nineties song Hazard by Richard Marx. It told a wonderful story accompanied by atmospheric music. The caravan is where Ricky lives on the outskirts of town. A bad boy who has had run ins with both theContinue reading “Pictures Telling Stories, Down by the River”

Pictures Telling Stories, Famous People, Famous Places

I’ve long had a fascination about the lives famous people live. What are they really like behind closed doors? Who do they love? Without intention I looked back and realised I written this into many of my stories. The first picture Joanna’s Journey tells how she meets a guy on the train, who turned outContinue reading “Pictures Telling Stories, Famous People, Famous Places”

Pictures Telling Stories, Distant Time

I’ve always loved time travel films, I find them so intriguing. At the moment I’m watching Timeless on Netflix. Distant Time began life as a short story but there was something about it that spoke to me and it needed expanding into something that provided more answers. Julie worked for the government within a teamContinue reading “Pictures Telling Stories, Distant Time”

Pictures telling Stories, The Ghost on the Stairs

by Karen J Mossman I don’t really know whether I believe in ghosts. I’ve never had an encounter, nor do I want one. I’m open-minded and believe that others have seen them and they believe. The one thing I do know is that I love to write about them. With this book, I had suchContinue reading “Pictures telling Stories, The Ghost on the Stairs”

The Little Red Book

by Karen J Mossman I was in Asda looking for something when my eyes fell on a little red book. It was wrapped in cellophane with a strip of black card that said – George £3. Medium Free Writer. For Notes, Research, and Inspirations. There is something about a blank page, fresh and new. IContinue reading “The Little Red Book”

Songs Take You to The Past to Relive Again

The Tams – Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me played on the radio this morning and it took me back to 1972 and a boy called Steve Crane. He was one of those cool guys that people looked up to and knew very little about. He was too old for me at 17. He lived threeContinue reading “Songs Take You to The Past to Relive Again”