Introduction to The Magic of Stories book

MagicofStoriesCoverThis week I’m re-launching The Magic of Stories eBook under the Electric Eclectic banner. It’s been tweaked from the original, with additional stories and new formating, and a brand new super-duper cover, which I love. Paul White of P J Designs has done a lovely job in designing it for me.

Stories are wonderful, they weave magically threads that draw you into a world that is different to your own. We all need escapism and many, like me, like to do this with a good book.

I’ve always said stories are not just fictional.  True life tales, can be just as fascinating. I love hearing about people’s passions, what they love, what they believe, their families and their memories. Stories are all around us every day.

In The Magic of Stories, I have collected material together written over the years, which include poetry, shorts, and flash fiction, each telling a tale.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 17.43.03Last year, I read a book called Undressed by Karina Kantas. It’s a collection of poetry, prose, flash and short fiction. Although I loved reading all the stories, there was something else that made it special. For most of them, she explained her reasons for writing it, or how it came to be, or some other fascinating snippit.

I’ve never seen this done before and found they added another dimension to the book. So, this is what I’ve done with mine. Knowing how a story orginated makes it a a more interesting read.

Karina has kindly offered to give my readers a copy for free. I highly recommend you grab it and add it to your reading list. All details of how to get it are in The Magic of Stories book.

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Every day this week I’ll be sharing articles to accompany the stories in the book. As I publish them, I will add the link here, so you’ll be able to come back and follow them anytime.

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Save the World from Destruction!

by Karen J Mossman

Over the years I’ve found I enjoy TV Box Sets that are apocalyptic or science fiction. I’m not the same with books because those I’ve tried I struggle with the pronouncing of names and places. It’s like struggling to read through mud.

I was never a fan of zombies either, but watched The Walking Dead. It surprised myself by loving it. They are not what I’d call zombies; they were people affected with a virus, and nothing of them remains except the dead walking body. I moved on to the books, but the more I read the more the graphic violence seemed to carry the story.

 Read a book, or the watch the TV series? It’s difficult in knowing which to do first. Mostly, books are better, but there have been exceptions. Sometimes, as with The Handmaid’s Tale, you need to read the book to understand what is going on!

One of my favourites genres is time travel. I’ve yet to find a book that is not so overly complicated I could fall in love with. Perhaps you can suggest one?  I discovered Travelers, that’s one L, as it’s American and they spell things slightly differently to us.

I even wrote a time travel story of my own. It’s about a girl from the future who wakes up in World War 11 with no knowledge of how she got there. It’s called Distant Time, if you want to check it out.

Travelers is about beings from the future whose own world is failing and can send their consciousness back to present day earth. They land in the bodies of people about to die, and assume their lives. The team, who are on a mission to save humanity find each other, and their exploits make it an interesting programme. The five actors chosen to play the parts are very charismatic, and it is interesting to see how they adjust to their new lives.

When I find something I love, I binge watch, and covered the first two season pretty quickly. I’ve now discovered a third series is due on our screens this month, and I am so excited to watch it.

When it finished, I went on the hunt for something else and came across Salvation. An asteroid is heading for earth and when it hits, it will be catastrophic. They have 186 days to save the planet.

Tanz Industries run by Darius Tanz, played by Santiago Cabrera is a physicist and mathematician. He has already built an Ark. His young protégé works with him to find a way to knock the asteroid off its course.

The other two main characters work for the White House.. The very good looking Harris Edwards, and Grace Burrows who is having an affair with her him and who is also her boss.

It started well with lots of political intrigue, by the time it reached the end of the first series, a reviewer described it as a soap. Grace decides she loves Darius more than Harris, then her daughter starts seeing Harris’s son, while Harris gets involved with a woman at the bar, who turns out to be a secret agent! It gets even more convoluted and by then I was hooked.

Would the asteroid hit? Would they go into the secret bunker? Who will go in the Ark Tanz had built?

As with a lot of box sets, it gets more complicated as we headed into series two, and, to be honest, sillier, too. They overused clichés like –‘ Save the planet,’ ‘Save all humanity,’  ‘The lives of millions of people are at stake.’

I asked myself why these four people in America were taking the responsibility for the whole of the planet. Why it was up to them to save the world? What was the UK doing? China? Russia? India? They wouldn’t all be sitting back saying, “Ah, let the Americans handle it, they know what they are doing.”

Then Darius Tranz, the scientist became Present of the United States by default. Now I was struggling. The realism was slipping, and far fetched was creeping inti its place.

Then, at the last minute they discovered the asteroid was not an asteroid after all. It was on a set path to the earth. As the four main characters came outside to watch it arc across the sky, I wondered if it would smash into the moon. Now that would take the series off in a different direction.

However, the camera stayed on the faces of the four as one said, “What is it?” Another replied, “I don’t know, but we are about to find out.”

 Thenit finished. Is there goes to be another series? Will we find out just what it was? I don’t know, but if there is, I shall be watching!

Next, Continuum…….

Distant Time

WarA noise woke me from a deep sleep and it took me a moment to come around. When I did, the first thing I noticed was my bedroom. I didn’t recognise it. It was plain with no personal touches and for a moment I racked my brain. Was I on holiday?
Before I could plan it, there was a rumbling sound followed by an explosion. Suddenly, I was wide-awake. I leapt from the bed to the window and was stunned by what I saw.
Soldiers were pouring into the village, people were running and screaming. A building was smoking, and the soldiers were firing guns. My apartment building shook with another explosion. They were shooting people, and it terrified me.
I had to get out and realised I was in bed, dressed in my clothes, dark trousers, and a lighter top. I shoved my feet into flat conventional shoes, all the time wondering where I was and why I was here.
Was this a dream? Running out of the bedroom, I barely noticed the sparsely furnished lounge as I headed for the hallway, throwing open the front door and legging it to the stairs. All I could think about was, I had to go. I had to leave. Just get out!
The noise and smell fed my fear. It didn’t help when I reached outside and looked around. It was unfamiliar. What was going on? The buildings looked old, built in a valley beneath the mountains. The sky was clear blue, not a cloud in sight and I could feel the morning heat rising.
Cows and goats wandered and scattered, bewildered by the noise. I moved across to another building and kept close to the walls. My survival instinct was on alert. I did not want to die today. As I turned the corner there was a woman on her knees. In her arms, a dead child, blood from his head pooled on the floor. The mother was wailing; it was an awful bereft sound that tugged at my heart. She looked beseechingly at me, but what could I do? I kept on running, hiding, dodging.
Every nerve in my body was on fire. My heart beating so fast, I could hardly breathe. I was about to run into the open but saw a soldier aim a gun at a man on his knees. He fired. The man collapsed. I saw his family was watching. Heard their screams and cries. I’d stopped dead in my tracks, stared, horrified before turning to vomit behind a wall.
Dropping to my knees, I retched and then crawled into a space between outbuildings. I watched the scene unfold with tears streaming down my face.
Tanks were rolling through the village, crashing into buildings, running over fences, anything that got in their way. Some people were being killed; others herded up like animals for slaughter. Fear fizzed in the air and the noise of terror was just as deafening.
Crouching down, my hands covered my ears and screwed up my eyes. I wanted no part of this, yet here I was. I had no idea what to do or where to go. I didn’t want to die.
“Sie!” An ugly voice too close for comfort yelled. “Hure!” It took a moment for the words to translate as I opened my eyes. “You! Whore!”
Standing in front of me was a German soldier in World War 2 uniform. His gun was aimed at me. My heart seemed to stop. My stomach hit the floor, and I thought I would vomit again.
Rising to my feet, my hands went up in the surrender position. Please God, no. I didn’t want to die.
Suddenly, his eyes flicked to the right, and he looked confused and then scared. His rifle lowered. I turned to see what had startled him. There standing watching us was me.
This the first chapter of the science fiction thriller. To read click here.
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