Romance, Kindle Unlimited, Novella

Ray by Tony McManus

Karen's Magic Review There are times in our busy lives when we stop. Stop to breath a moment. Stop because we are waiting. It is the latter that I am focusing on. It could be on a break, or lunch hour at work. It could also be waiting for an appointment, as a passenger in… Continue reading Ray by Tony McManus

Crime, History, Romance, Thriller

Angel Maker

The Award-Winning Novel by Barry B. Wright Meet evil that is impossible to forget. This historical espionage adventure novel, which begins on the eve of World War II, invites you for a journey inside the murderous mind of a psychopathic killer.The gruesome murder of a young child, Rebecca Grynberg, pushes Inspector Alexander Collier into a… Continue reading Angel Maker

Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Romance

Never, Never by Liz Butcher

Karen's Magic Review I downloaded this book without reading the description. I know. I should have read it first and can't remember why I did now. So each page I turned was a surprise. What I didn't expect was that the genre was a bit of everything, scifi/fantasy, horror, romance, urban, detective and a crime… Continue reading Never, Never by Liz Butcher


The Serenity Falls Complete Series

A Top 100 Amazon Book from Romance Writer Sophie Mays Released by Love Light Publishing, this collection is available in paperback and eBook! • Five unique siblings, five unexpected life changes • Brisk mountain air and romance abound at the Wyatt Ranch!From bestselling author Sophie Mays comes this delightfully heartwarming sweet ranch romance series.Whether you… Continue reading The Serenity Falls Complete Series

Erotica, Romance

The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

146 pages, Kindle Unlimited, New Adult Romance Karen's Magic Review I debated whether to post this because I didn't finish the book, and didn't particularly enjoy it. But there are other reasons for posting this and giving it some blog time because it does deserve to be recommended.I came across a video on Instagram where… Continue reading The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

Inspirational, Romance

Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

154 pages, Summer romance, Karen's Magic Review This book came from someone on Instagram. They reviewed it and said how much they loved it. So from that I downloaded it. The fact that it was a novella and a summer read persuaded me as I had just come out of a large six book series.… Continue reading Summer in Bliss by Freda Ann

Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance

Secret Sky by J P McLean, a Book Review

324 pages, paranormal, fantasy, romance Karen's Magic Review This book recently appeared in my series About a Book and something about it really appealed to me. It's the first time I've read one featured here, and another first, is that I am going to quote myself after reviewing a good book called Confined Spaces. I… Continue reading Secret Sky by J P McLean, a Book Review

Paranormal, Romance

About a Book – Ghost of an Enchantment by J E McDonald

Introducing J E McDonald WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? This is the second book in my series, the Wickwood Chronicles. Stella and Lucas both appear briefly in the first book in the series, Ghost of a Gamble. It felt like the next natural step to share their story with the… Continue reading About a Book – Ghost of an Enchantment by J E McDonald


About a Book – Year of What by Jennifer Lieberman

Introducing Jennifer Lieberman WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? The book was originally a one-woman stage play I wrote as a showcase piece for my writing and performance ability. After winning the audience choice award for the play at a festival in New York City some colleagues (and strangers) suggested I… Continue reading About a Book – Year of What by Jennifer Lieberman


Save Me by M C Frank

173 pages, contemporary/new adult romance, kindle unlimited Karen's Magic Review I was recently invited to join a group on Facebook. The idea being that I could look for reviewers for my own books, especially The Power of Love as it has no reviews on the UK Amazon site.Before I could dive in, I needed to… Continue reading Save Me by M C Frank