Crime, Psychological, Thriller

Nowhere to Hide by Stephen Puleston

Description A murdered mother... A failing police force...A detective looking for justice. When drug addict Dawn Piper is found dead in her own home, her neighbours are far from surprised. Dawn’s habit led her to mix with some dangerous people. But this quiet mother of one was small fry ...would anyone want Dawn dead? Inspector… Continue reading Nowhere to Hide by Stephen Puleston

Crime, Psychological, Thriller


This looks scary, so I thought I would share it!


Author -Carole Parkes



 American born serial killer, Raymond Thomas Lang Junior

Last seen in the county of Lancashire, England.

Widespread rumours claim Raymond Lang is currently hiding in the fictional thriller YOUR LAST BREATHfound in your Amazon Book store. 


Please be aware, this criminal is ruthless and highly dangerous. Private Detective, Alex Renshaw, is offering the  reward of a shocking, thrilling, and suspenseful read to anyone who seeks and finds this madman.

Vigilantes taking part should be over 18.

Two of his victims, authors Doug Lafuze and Carole Parkes, are left traumatized after this character held them captive and forced them to write for the best part of a year. They were finally freed when their book was released. Please support them by using the link above to find their tormentor now. Thank you!


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Who are Electric Eclectic Books?

Who are Electric Eclectic?They are a brand of books offering something a little different. They are novelettes featuring many different authors and genres. Most books are one price £1/$1/€1.Put Electric Eclectic Books in Amazon, Goodreads, or Google, or any search engine, and you will find them. Best place is to visit the website.Electric Eclectic's BlogAll… Continue reading Who are Electric Eclectic Books?

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Psychological, Thriller

Death of a Secret by Christy Mann

Genre: Pyschological/Thriller/Suspense Description Sarah Rosenthal is a Senator’s daughter.  Despite the hig- profile lifestyle that comes with her father’s political career, she has managed to avoid most of the chaos. On the surface, things seem perfect, but perfection never lasts. When a stranger comes knocking, blackmail in mind, Latham Buchanan steps in to clean up… Continue reading Death of a Secret by Christy Mann

Mystery, Psychological

Carly by DM Wolfenden

Genre: Pyschological/Mystery Description Written in British English, including some slang. Carly: Her cousin, Lisa disappeared, her family murdered in front of her. Held in prison for her kidnapper’s murder, she has to try and find a way to save Lisa.     Karen's Magic ReviewI found this book in a 'library' on Facebook. As I… Continue reading Carly by DM Wolfenden

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Seed Money by Neil Douglas Newton

Genre: Drama/short story Description Even the most intelligent man can be fooled by a beautiful woman. Beneath the mask of loveliness, something dark may hide. Sooner or later the monster is exposed. Will the revelation come too late? Karen's Magic ReviewStrangley, I enjouyed reading this story even if by the end I didn't really undstand… Continue reading Seed Money by Neil Douglas Newton


Only Words by K. A. Neeson

Genre: Literary/Humour/Satire Description Only Words, Quotes, Blogs, Posts, Short Stories, And Fiction Fun Is A Compilation Of K.A. Neeson's Writing Featuring Mental Health And Humorist Approach To Writing About her own Mental Health Issues- From Beautiful Scenery To Positive Affirmations, K.A.'s Take On Fiction Fun And Her Many Twisted Humor Segments, As Well As Other… Continue reading Only Words by K. A. Neeson

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Burned Toast by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Genre: Crime/Women's Fiction Description After escaping an abusive relationship, Melly builds a new life, far from her abuser. But, some men just won't take no for an answer. What happens when Melly awakens in a strange place and comes face to face with the monster from her past? Is she strong enough to survive? Or… Continue reading Burned Toast by Elizabeth Horton-Newton