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Reflections of Simmondly

Simmondly is a small village in Glossop, Derbyshire, and in the early 1900s John Pedder, a retired councillor for Stretford Urban Council in Manchester, had a holiday cottage there. Their granddaughter, Molly, told me the story of Simmondly before she passed away in 2014 aged 100.  'We had this great big trunk which we’d pack… Continue reading Reflections of Simmondly

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Island Tales

When I came to live on this island, we had a dog. It was fun exploring, but sadly she was old and our adventures were limited. When she died, we were never getting another one. Eight months later, we thad Tilly, another Yorkshire terrier. This time a puppy, as Jodie was a rescue dog, coming… Continue reading Island Tales

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A Menai Strait Walk

On the 21st June we met up with some friends and parked up in Menai Bridge in Wales where I live, and walked down to the Strait, the water surrounding the island. Despite living on Anglesey for two years, we hadn't been down this way. It was so picturesque and the houses had beautiful balconies… Continue reading A Menai Strait Walk

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The Bronte Museum

by Karen J Mossman In the 1990s, I visited the Bronte museum in Howarth, Yorkshire. This is the article I wrote about it back then. It was late afternoon on a dark, cold November day. Leaden clouds filled the sky and a damp mist settled over the streets. I was visiting relatives in Keighley and… Continue reading The Bronte Museum

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Didsbury, where Joanna’s Journey is set.

Joanna's Journey is set in Didsbury, which is a suburb of Manchester. Many of the houses are large Victorian semi-detached ones. In the seventies were converted from affluent family houses to flats. When I went to the area in the Autumn 2015 to take photographs for this article, I saw that many had reverted to… Continue reading Didsbury, where Joanna’s Journey is set.

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Little Man, Big Man

by Karen J Mossman In the eighties, my Mum told me this story about an incident in the local market. She and dad were out shopping in the food hall in Bury, Lancashire. She was queuing up, waiting for her turn, when a woman pushed in at the front. Nobody said anything, they just looked… Continue reading Little Man, Big Man