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My Sister Far Away

The Magic of Stories is packed with tales divided into different genres. So there should a story for everybody. It wasn’t until I was putting the book together I realised all the poetry I’d included were simply stories in rhyme. In 1988, one of my sisters enlisted on an experimental cultural exchange programme sponsored by… Continue reading My Sister Far Away

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I don’t like creepy things, do you?

Horror and paranormal is not something I read or watch. I get spooked easily and have a very active imagination. As I teenager I would constantly be plagued by nightmares. As I grew up I knew to stay away from anything scary. These two subjects are very big in the book world and there are… Continue reading I don’t like creepy things, do you?

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

I was reading a book not long ago set in sixties America. A young girl, aged about sixteen travelled on a bus across several states with her mother and younger sister. On the bus she meets a young military man and has to sit next to him. They strike up a friendship and over the… Continue reading Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Coping with Bereavement

I was watching a programme called 7up on the television recently. If you don’t know it, it started in the sixties where children were interviewed when they were seven, and every seven years the cameras caught up with them. The ‘children’ are now 63 and it has been fascinating. My mum and I followed it… Continue reading Coping with Bereavement

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A Terrible Mother

One thing I love doing is making book teasers. This one features Joanna, who has to make some agonising decisions in her life. Joanna spanned over two books and is one of my favourite characters. To me, she seemed very real and luckily my readers agree as I had some lovely reviews. In this book,… Continue reading A Terrible Mother

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The Day I Found a Dead Body

My mother was fearless. She had a strong sense of injustice. If something was wrong, she would put it right, or put people right. One day I remember her telling me how she was walking passed the park when she heard a crowd chanting. She went in to find boys gathered and encircling two who… Continue reading The Day I Found a Dead Body

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Coping with Father’s Day as a Single Parent

As time has gone on, Father's Day has become easier. I lost my dad in September of 2010.  For a reason I can't explain, I don't want to put his face on Facebook as a memoriam with all the other 'remembering my dad' posts. However, I have talked about him on here, and in my… Continue reading Coping with Father’s Day as a Single Parent

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My Two Dads

I came across this on an old blog of mine, and thought it appropriate to post for Father's Day and also National Parent's Day on 26th July. Once upon a time I had two dads, one with hard brown eyes and the other with soft ones. The dad with the hard eyes was a police… Continue reading My Two Dads

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An Amazing Woman

by Karen J Mossman I love old photos and came across this one. It was taken in 1928 and the Rose Queen in the centre is my Auntie Molly. She was an incredible and interesting character. The daughter of a local councillor, she was born in 1914. She defied her religious family and married an… Continue reading An Amazing Woman