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Best Book of the Year

I’ve had the honour of reading fifty-three books in 2021. Truly a record for me. Now I have to decide the most enjoyable one of the year, and what comes a close second and third There are some stand-out stories, and some I’ve not liked as much. There are long books and short ones, exciting,… Continue reading Best Book of the Year

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Christmas in the Scottish Highlands by Donna Ashcroft

This is my last review of 2021, and the last book I've completed. See my year in books here. Many years ago I used to watch TV soaps. I loved the gossip and a glimpse into people’s everyday lives. Whose marriage was in trouble? Who had mischievous teenagers? And more controversially, which neighbours were having… Continue reading Christmas in the Scottish Highlands by Donna Ashcroft

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A Partner in Crime by Tony McManus

Karen’s Magic Review I had forgotten how good short stories are. They really aren’t given enough credit. Partners in Crime is just 20 pages long. A neat short-to-the-point read. When done well like this one, it's very satisfying. I was always taught to write about what you know, and I know the author lives in… Continue reading A Partner in Crime by Tony McManus

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A War Time Story to Tear Up Your Heart. The Girls In The Attic by Marius Gabriel

Julie Northup, my friend and colleague at Norns Triad Publishing, one day said she was going off to read. I asked what she was reading and she replied The Girls in The Attic. I remembered a book from many years ago called Flowers in the Attic and thought it may have been connected. ‘No,’ she… Continue reading A War Time Story to Tear Up Your Heart. The Girls In The Attic by Marius Gabriel

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Ray by Tony McManus

Karen's Magic Review There are times in our busy lives when we stop. Stop to breath a moment. Stop because we are waiting. It is the latter that I am focusing on. It could be on a break, or lunch hour at work. It could also be waiting for an appointment, as a passenger in… Continue reading Ray by Tony McManus

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Bibliophiles, book nerds, and wanna-be-detectives will snoop around in Mystery Series Week. It’s the first full week in October. How about taking this week to discover a new detective. We all love a good mystery and me included. This month I launched the first book in a new mystery series. The Cassidy Newbold Clairvoyant Collection.… Continue reading MYSTERY SERIES WEEK

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It’s Killing It!

Yes, The Killer on the Heath is out now. A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only person who can save her is Cassie.With no clues and time running out, her brother, Detective Newbold, desperately needs her help. He is counting on Cassie’s clairvoyant and empathic abilities to locate Chantelle.When Chantelle’s brother, Pedro,… Continue reading It’s Killing It!

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Exigency by Marnie Cate

Karen’s Magic Review This is the second book in the Protectors of the Elemental Magic series. My review of the first book, Remember is here. This was a truly magically story and in so many different ways. But first, let me go through the picture at the top. The tree is the entry point to… Continue reading Exigency by Marnie Cate

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By Lauri Schoenfeld Published by Twisted Whisperings  This title is available through all retail booksellers Releasing August 31, 2021 Adaline and Cache Rushner are falling apart. Their daughters are missing, presumed dead. Their marriage is crumbling. Their attempt at starting over in a new city is failing. Adaline is sure their daughters are alive somehow,… Continue reading LITTLE OWL