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The Power of Love: an Electric Eclectic Book Kindle Edition by Karen J Mossman

My book The Power of Love, a fairy story is reviewed on Theresa Hulongbayans Book Blog. I’m very honoured. 🙂

Theresa Hulongbayan's Book Blog

The Power of Love: an Electric Eclectic Book Kindle Edition by Karen J Mossman (Author), J.M. Northup (Editor)

  • ASIN : B0876D2PML
  • ISBN-13 : 979-8655938335

the power of love brings home a lost prince, his mothers longing and desire to see her son again sends out a magical thread that only her child can follow back to her. It is a poignant and sad story, that has so much potential to be extended. Written as a short story it is as breath taking as the smallest dragon boy by Anne Mccaffrey, and like that story the reader wants to know the rest of the story. What a wondrous give for so little. The synesthesia of the main character could almost be a wonderful magical gift, that many people in the modern age would love to have. To see music as it is made, as it is heard like colored rain drops…

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The Adventures of Yoota by Alexia Kanta is Free to Download!

Welcome to Yoota and the land of the Katers. Come and meet SnowHorn and friends. Read about their adventures, but be careful the evil Katers don't touch you as they will turn you bad as well.  Alexia Kanta spent one summer creating the land of Yoota. These wonderful strange creatures and their short adventures are… Continue reading The Adventures of Yoota by Alexia Kanta is Free to Download!


Shapers of Worlds, an anthology

New anthology from Saskatchewan publisher features short fiction by bestselling and award-winning science fiction and fantasy authors Releasing September 22 in e-book and November 14 in print from Regina’s Shadowpaw Press (, Shapers of Worlds is an anthology featuring stories by internationally bestselling and award-winning authors of science fiction and fantasy. Edited by Edward Willett,… Continue reading Shapers of Worlds, an anthology


The Moonlit World by Edward Willett

The critically acclaimed Worldshapers fantasy series continues with The Moonlit World The Worldshapers fantasy series by award-winning Saskatchewan author Edward Willett continues with the September 15 release of Book 3, The Moonlit World, from New York’s DAW Books, in trade paperback and e-book formats. The first book in the series, Worldshaper, received a starred review… Continue reading The Moonlit World by Edward Willett


Elementals by Sydnie Beaupre

Description On Calliope's first day at Maywood Crest Boarding School, she crosses paths and becomes friends with a mysterious fivesome of students; The angsty Greyson and his bubbly twin Emma, shy computer geek Gage, outspoken activist Lex , and her brother the always-tired Hunter. who is the oldest that takes care of them all like… Continue reading Elementals by Sydnie Beaupre


The Revenge of Excalibur by Sahara Foley

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Claimed by Rafa by Denna Holm

Description Rafa didn’t think much of the human female when his prince first claimed her for a mate, but her strength of character soon wins him over. He watches with jealous eyes as the love blossoms between them, especially when she begins to swell with the prince’s child. When Rafa’s shaprata begins to mature, and… Continue reading Claimed by Rafa by Denna Holm

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Claimed by Nicolai by Denna Holm

When Abby Harris takes her faithful German shepherd out for a hike in Oregon’s beautiful mountains, getting abducted by aliens isn’t even a blip on her radar. Her trusty can of bear spray and the pocket knife isn’t much help against the seven-foot monsters who swoop in out of nowhere to transport her to a… Continue reading Claimed by Nicolai by Denna Holm

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Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

  Illusional Reality book 1 Genre: YA fantasy PNR Author: Karina Kantas Publisher: Asteri Press imprint of Bolide publishing Cover designer: Sharon Lipman from Fantasia Cover Designs Editors: Michelle Dunbar, Anna Proofing, and Black Cat Edits   Nobody expects to stare death in the face, only to find out their entire life is a lie.… Continue reading Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas