A Town called Nowhere – The Nowhere Pack Book One

PARANORMAL ROMANCE AT ITS BEST BY AUSTRALIA’S OWN V.K. TRITSCHLER Released and published by Praelectus Publishing!The book will be available this April worldwide, in digital, print, and audio format, across all platforms! What happens when two lost were-panthers meet for the first time? Nicci, a were-panther abandoned as a child and without a pack, finds… Continue reading A Town called Nowhere – The Nowhere Pack Book One

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Unicorn Stories

Many little girls are enchanted by unicorns, especially the pink ones with long manes and tails. They seem to have grown in popularity these last few years. Often depicted as a magical creatures, they were first chronicled in Greek literature and have found their way into many stories. Fairy tales are where we often expect… Continue reading Unicorn Stories

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April Discounted and Free Books

April 1-7  99p/99c Description An abandoned house, an abundance of dogs. And a dead body or two. Sheridan Hendley’s volunteer position at Pets and Paws takes a new turn when more than twenty malnourished dogs are found at a rundown house on the outskirts of town. When the body of an elderly woman is found… Continue reading April Discounted and Free Books

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Claimed by Seraphym by Denna Holm

Karen’s Magic Review I have been waiting a long time to read book three of the Raiden Warriors Series, and I wasn’t disappointed. Denna Holm has a magical way of building a believable world on another planet and making it all seem normal. The character of Seraphym was introduced in book one, and I felt… Continue reading Claimed by Seraphym by Denna Holm

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News Update

As well as being a blogger, I am also an author. Sometimes that fact gets lost amongst the blog posts. So this is the first of a regular update on what I'm working on, and where I'll share snippets and exclusives. Last year, I left Crimson Cloak Publishing and joined Norns Triad Publications. All my… Continue reading News Update

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I am a Failure! (Bookwise, that is)

I’ve been struggling to read of late. It’s more about being spoilt for choice, and my mood. I can’t explain the latter, but put it down to the pressure of lockdown and how I have much more time to fill. I’ve always hated having too much choice. I go to a supermarket knowing I want… Continue reading I am a Failure! (Bookwise, that is)

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Snarc 2: The Journey Continues!!!

Welcome to Snarc 2, the continuing adventures of Snarc, our favorite intergalactic traveler, and his companion Cosmic Staff. As you can see, this issue is in book form, or, if you will, graphic novel form. Snarc, a human-alien hybrid, must find a way to save humanity from the bellicose reptilian inhabitants of his home planet… Continue reading Snarc 2: The Journey Continues!!!


Fear and Longing in Los Angeles

From Great Inspiration Come New Heroes Spider-Man and other superheroes created by Stan Lee and Marvel are at the heart of Mark Leslie’s latest novel. Mark Leslie’s latest novel, Fear and Longing in Los Angeles is a continuing tribute to the creative genius of Stan Lee and many other brilliant artists and writers at Marvel… Continue reading Fear and Longing in Los Angeles

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THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR – Excalibur Saga Book One

A PARANORMAL FICTION NOVEL IN SCI FI PROPORTIONS BY AWARD WINNING NOVELIST SAHARA FOLEY The book is available worldwide in digital and print across all platforms! His superpowers made him invincible.   Or so he thought.   Ever since his head injury, Arthur has become fearless – arrogant even.      The CIA?  FBI?  He laughed in their faces and… Continue reading THE SECRET OF EXCALIBUR – Excalibur Saga Book One

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About a Book – The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley

Sahara Foley WebsiteNorns Triad Publications Where did the idea for the story come from? Since my late husband wrote the story, I have no clue where he got the inspiration for the series.  We both loved watching sci-fi and read tons of fantasy books.  So, I’m sure, it just came to fruition one day.  Give… Continue reading About a Book – The Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley