Erotica, Romance

The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

146 pages, Kindle Unlimited, New Adult Romance Karen's Magic Review I debated whether to post this because I didn't finish the book, and didn't particularly enjoy it. But there are other reasons for posting this and giving it some blog time because it does deserve to be recommended.I came across a video on Instagram where… Continue reading The Rulebreaker by Claire Contreras

Erotica, Romance

Confined Space by E M Shue

181 pages, romance, erotica, kindle unlimited. Karen's Magic Review This book came to me via an emailed newsletter. It is where I find a lot of interesting books. I loved the cover, and the description sold me straight away. Immediately, I followed what I thought was the link to it. Instead, it took me to… Continue reading Confined Space by E M Shue

Erotica, Romance

Seizing Cinderella by Alice May Ball

Karen's Book Review If you have been following this blog, you will know I have been struggling to find a good book to read. After two that were disappointing, this was the third. It had its good and bad points, and although I read it, it wasn't as satisfying as I would have liked.This author… Continue reading Seizing Cinderella by Alice May Ball

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Looking for a book? 10 Authors – 10 Genres

Do you know what you want to read, but not sure who to look for? or Do you know what you want to read and want to try someone new? Ten of my favourite indie authors and their genres. Just click on their name to take you to Amazon where you can choose any of… Continue reading Looking for a book? 10 Authors – 10 Genres

Erotica, Romance

Drive by – written by Audrina Lane

Cara had been writing romance since before the break-up of her relationship at college. Although only fairly successful, a chance encounter on her way home from a Book Signing was just what she needed.Ewan had seen the blond beauty in her red Jaguar F-Type as he drove home from what had turned out to be… Continue reading Drive by – written by Audrina Lane

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Something Different This Christmas

The Magic of Stories has recently started our own eBay Store. There are lots of books for sale on eBay, so what makes this a little different? They are mainly all pocketbook novellas that come with a personal letter from the author as well as a free bookmark.Prices are low and most of them, if… Continue reading Something Different This Christmas

Erotica, Romance

David by Julie Scarlet

Amazon UKAmazon US Welcome to Sawyer Brothers MC Series. All the books in this series are Standalone and can be read in any order.Sawyer Brothers Book 1: DavidAn Older Alpha Man Younger Woman MC RomanceI never imagined a routine trip to a local mechanic shop would lead to someone like him. The moment I laid eyes on… Continue reading David by Julie Scarlet

Erotica, Romance

50 Shades of Gray

This was a review from 2012 that wasn't published. It's full of spoilers but made interesting reading. What is this book that everyone is talking about? Converastions at work made me curious and on Facebook it was cropping up in status updates on Facebook with references to a Mr. Grey.  So in July 2012, I… Continue reading 50 Shades of Gray

Erotica, Romance

Rescue Me by Angela Lane

Description Summer Matthews had few opportunities for romance while stuck on the family farm. A series of unfortunate ‘accidents’ saw her crossing paths with the most charismatic, and impossible, man she’d ever met. Brandon Hawkins rescued her and her horse from the river, and stayed on to help her out. It took only a day… Continue reading Rescue Me by Angela Lane

Erotica, Romance

Her Gentle Giant by Carolyn Faulkner

Description Arianne Messier managed to get away from her abusive husband, settling with her young daughter in a small town in Tennessee at the base of the Smoky Mountains. There, she meets a man who is even bigger than her husband was, and she keeps ending up having to deal with him when she'd really… Continue reading Her Gentle Giant by Carolyn Faulkner