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February’s 99 and Free books

Your monthly 99c/p and Free books selection. I hope you find something good to read amongst these and if you do, please consider leaving the author a review from where you bought it. Stephanie never truly let go of her first love James in 1988. When the relationship ended she kept her diaries, letters and… Continue reading February’s 99 and Free books

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The Story Behind the Story

I wrote this for another blog and am considering making it a series. I am often intrigued as to what inspires a writer to write a book. What do you think? Would you like to see something like this? Read more on the Electric Eclectic Blog

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Seth Rain’s Humanity Series

Karen's Magic Review The Dead Horizon came up in my Kindle suggesting I may like it. Usually, I ignore them but this time, I clicked on it because I like dystopian stories, although I rarely read them for some reason. I read the description, but saw that it was book 2. I would never read… Continue reading Seth Rain’s Humanity Series

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Paperback Book Sale

The Magic of Stories is delighted to offer a selection of new pocket books for £5. As I am also giving free post and packing they are only available to UK customers. The links take you to eBay to complete your transaction. As there are so many paperbacks available, I wanted to make mine different.… Continue reading Paperback Book Sale

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We Journey No More by Sahara Foley

Time Travel Science Fiction - 246 Pages Teenagers Don and Janet run off to California to start a new life together. Along the way, they find themselves in a dangerous land. Did they inadvertently time travel to a future Earth? Or, a parallel universe? One of the nomadic tribes they encounter rescues the young couple. These… Continue reading We Journey No More by Sahara Foley

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Something Different This Christmas

The Magic of Stories has recently started our own eBay Store. There are lots of books for sale on eBay, so what makes this a little different? They are mainly all pocketbook novellas that come with a personal letter from the author as well as a free bookmark.Prices are low and most of them, if… Continue reading Something Different This Christmas

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The Battle Cry Has Gone Up! By Karen J. Mossman

  The battle cry has gone up, and there will be a helluva fight!   “We’ve been up all night planning our attack,” Marcus shouted. “And we need every one of you in on this. We go out together as one, charge and finish the nest in one strike.” More cheering and shouting filled the… Continue reading The Battle Cry Has Gone Up! By Karen J. Mossman

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Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

  Illusional Reality book 1 Genre: YA fantasy PNR Author: Karina Kantas Publisher: Asteri Press imprint of Bolide publishing Cover designer: Sharon Lipman from Fantasia Cover Designs Editors: Michelle Dunbar, Anna Proofing, and Black Cat Edits   Nobody expects to stare death in the face, only to find out their entire life is a lie.… Continue reading Illusional Reality by Karina Kantas

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Poppy Bloom by Rebekah Dodson

Description Vicki Morel believes she and Will, her gorgeous fiancé, have it all. They’re living the American dream. That is, until Portland, Oregon is leveled by a terrorist grade light weapon, and she loses Will at the airport. Ambrose Palamo is an aviation student who wants one thing: to go home to Samoa. But when… Continue reading Poppy Bloom by Rebekah Dodson