Lots of Fantastic Books to Share!

Looking for something to read? I am. Strangely for me, I cannot settle to find a book. I've searched my kindle and nothing jumps out at me. Just in my hour of need along comes an email full of free and discounted books from 1st until 15th September.I'm sure to find something there as it… Continue reading Lots of Fantastic Books to Share!

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The Magic of Stories is changing

I have two sites, this one, and Magic Reviews. As I am now part of Norns Triad Publications, I'm moving things around slightly.I've brought Magic Reviews over here and you will still be able to find all the usually content you have come to expect. You will also find book reviews because I review every… Continue reading The Magic of Stories is changing


Noemie’s Journey

Description Richard is certain small-town Summitville, North Carolina is a safe haven from his demons…until a woman with stunning green eyes resurrects the protective instinct that once cost him everything. And rattles the walls of his armored heart. Noémie knows her place in this prejudiced town, but Richard is temptation on two wheels. Despite their… Continue reading Noemie’s Journey


In Times of Violence by Karina Kantas

MC Romance Young Adult Edition DescriptionJade had been sheltered most of her life. Living in an isolated village with only sex and drugs to entertain. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father doesn't give a damn.Her only way out is to beg her Aunt to allow her to stay as a guest in their… Continue reading In Times of Violence by Karina Kantas


Tension vs. Atmosphere… What..?

A very interesting read, mixed up with a little humour in the first part that made me chuckle. Leads nicely on to her book, ‘Trash’. Recently, I was having a discussion with a dear friend about films and books, swapping notes and recommendations. It was then that we realised that …Tension vs. Atmosphere… What..?

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Sinner Sid by Jack Kregas

Description Sydney Moffitwas despised in some circles. He was viewed as the devil on earth. Sydney Moffit was a man loved by tens of thousands. He preached and said what everyone was thinking but too afraid to say. Sydney Moffit was Sinner Sid. He was an evangelist with a difference. He called himself a Sin… Continue reading Sinner Sid by Jack Kregas

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The Ghosts Of Little Cocking by Thérésa Hedges

#pictpublishing A role to die for... Everyone wants to be a movie star. When indie director Darton Jellicoe heads off to Little Cocking Manor to film his life's opus, he doesn’t count on the interventions of a pair of actors from days gone by. While one longs to be in the limelight once again, the… Continue reading The Ghosts Of Little Cocking by Thérésa Hedges