Writing in Isolation

This really hits home, not just for writers, but for those shielding or staying safe. We all long to go outside and do the mundane things we used to take for granted.

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We are into the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been a tumultuous year as we adjusted to a new vocabulary; masking, social distancing, quarantine. Yes, we’ve heard those words before. We read them in books, maybe, heard them in movies or on television dramas. Now the words were a part of our daily conversations.

I have been out of my house less than twenty times in the past fourteen months. I have seen my children and grandchildren less than that.

I have learned a valuable lesson, and it came as a shock.

I’ve always been something of a loner or homebody. Many would disagree with that assessment. I like people, but I love my own space. Being stuck at home shouldn’t be a problem for me. Generally, that’s true. However, this super social distancing reached a peak a few months ago.

I’ve always committed to writing at…

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February’s 99 and Free books

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Well! I didn’t know that…

In January 2020, I decided I would teach myself to draw. YouTube was a good resource, but I found books more helpful. As the months and weeks went on I did improve. For Christmas, I was given a light box and this helped me draw more of a likeness as I enjoyed doing portraits. However,… Continue reading Well! I didn’t know that…


A Finn’s Finds Cozy Mystery

 FINN-AGLED  A wooden box gone bad in this Finn’s Finds cozy mystery by Kristine Raymond The book is available worldwide in digital and print across all platforms.   A secret message hidden inside of an antique wooden box, an unidentified dead body, and a mother determined to marry her off to the high school crush… Continue reading A Finn’s Finds Cozy Mystery

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Paperback Book Sale

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Another View of Wigan to Compare With Orwell’s

This is such an interesting true story that needs sharing. We think we have things bad now, but life before and during the war was probably worse. How they coped, I don’t know. This story tells us, and author Carole Parkes shares it.

Author -Carole Parkes

An ordinary woman living in extraordinary times.

Heard of ‘The Road TO Wigan Pier’ by George Orwell, a social study of the north west town of Wigan? Now you can read ‘The Road FROM Wigan Pier’; a true story of one woman’s life in that same town.

It’s misleading to believe this town was alone in its hardship and squalor, the Great Depression of the 1930s affected most, if not all of them.

Elizabeth Alker was eighteen in 1936, the year of Orwell’s study. While he concentrated on the filth and deprivation he found in that working-class industrial town, Elizabeth’s story shows the closeness and love evident in her extended family circle. Read her true story and marvel at her courage and resilience during those tough times.

At the time of Orwell’s study, various illness had taken most of her close family. Only her mother was left and she had…

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 Book one of the Treasures of The Heart Series A stunning new novel by Canadian Romance Author Lawna Mackie The book is available worldwide in digital and print across all platforms.   Could it be true? The gold existed. A treasure map alluded to such a find, but for over a century it was rumored a fable,… Continue reading GOLD FEVER



 MARIA and the Plague   A Black Death Survival Story A new book in the Girls Survive series by Award-winning author Natasha Deen The book will be available worldwide, in digital and print across all platforms.   Years of bad weather and natural disasters have choked Italy's food supply, and the people of Florence are dying… Continue reading A GIRLS SURVIVE STORY


The Reefs of Time & Crucible of Time

NEW FROM JEFFREY A. CARVER IN AUDIOBOOK FORMAT! The new, two-part chapter in Jeffrey A. Carver’s THE CHAOS CHRONICLES: The Reefs of Time (Volume 5) and Crucible of Time (Volume 6)—narrated by the Grammy, Audie, and Hugo-winning Stefan Rudnicki—will be out soon from Audible,iTunes, and other audiobook stores! The Reefs of Time The starstream is… Continue reading The Reefs of Time & Crucible of Time