Gifting a Book

by Karen J MossmanHere's what you do if you use over to Amazon UK or Amazon USFind the eBook you want to send as a gift.Click on the 'Buy for Others' buttonEnter the personal email address of your recipientEnter a delivery date and an optional personal messageClick Place Your OrderThe buy for others button… Continue reading Gifting a Book

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by Brian O'Hare Have you ever considered having one of your books translated into another language? I never gave it a thought, or if I did, I just assumed I wasn’t famous enough, or rich enough to cover any costs. Books from both self-published authors and commercial publishers are usually only in one language due… Continue reading TRANSLATE YOUR BOOK INTO FITEEEN LANGUAGES

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Not born an Artist, but am trying!

In the nineties, I taught myself to cross stitch because I wanted to make pretty pictures and didn't have any talent for drawing. At the beginning of the year, my WI (Anglesey Federation of Women's Institute) held a drawing course, and so I thought I would try it. Unfortunately, by the time I got to… Continue reading Not born an Artist, but am trying!


Leap of Faith

By Denna Holm I’m terrified of heights, like freeze up, can’t move, can’t breathe, type of terror. As a teenager, I remember standing on a cliff above the river with a bunch of my friends. It was a popular swimming hole in the summer and everyone but me was leaping off that cliff into the… Continue reading Leap of Faith


Holyhead Harbour

Holyhead in Anglesey has a lovely promenade and harbour with open spaces and a beautiful sunken garden. You can choose to walk above by the road with great views across the bay or down at the bottom by the sea edge. We frequently do both, it's a pleasant circular walk with old-fashioned shelters along the… Continue reading Holyhead Harbour

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The Little Red Book

by Karen J MossmanI was in Asda looking for something when my eyes fell on a little red book. It was wrapped in cellophane with a strip of black card that said - George £3. Medium Free Writer. For Notes, Research, and Inspirations. There is something about a blank page, fresh and new. I had… Continue reading The Little Red Book


The Saga of the Bank Card

by Karen J MossmanAnother old one from a few years ago.On the way to our Anglesey to stay in our caravan in the Autumn of 2014, we stopped off for breakfast at McDonald's. I paid by handing hubby my bank card. As I had the dog on my knee, I couldn't get it back into… Continue reading The Saga of the Bank Card

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Songs Take You to The Past to Relive Again

The Tams - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me played on the radio this morning and it took me back to 1972 and a boy called Steve Crane. He was one of those cool guys that people looked up to and knew very little about. He was too old for me at 17. He lived three… Continue reading Songs Take You to The Past to Relive Again

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Life as a Dog Owner

by Karen J MossmanFrom my diary of 2011 Every day at lunchtime, I come home from work and take my Yorkshire terrier, Jodie, to the local park, Victoria Park, Stretford, in Manchester. There are two big fields and a few nooks and crannies to wander around. At lunchtime, I just walk around the perimeter of… Continue reading Life as a Dog Owner

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How Rude!

Imagine that you are in conversation with someone. You are enthusiastically telling them a story when suddenly, they put their hand up and say, "Stop! Don't speak. You wait, mouth still open....?....? ....? You're gasping to tell the punch line, your heart is racing, waiting..waiting.... "Go," they say, "carry on." How rude is that? Well,… Continue reading How Rude!