A Beautiful Death

Tessa Jowell, the British MP died from a brain tumour yesterday. She was 70 years old and only diagnosed a year ago. Today, I am listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. They were talking about her ‘beautiful death.’ It was very peaceful and she was surrounded by her family. It was… Continue reading A Beautiful Death


60 Glorious Years — Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

by Karen J Mossman I saw this and had to read it because April 23rd was my 60th too. It's an interesting story of school girls who have reached the milestone and stayed friends. I stayed friends with one girl from school whose life hasn't been as good to her. She married her husband the… Continue reading 60 Glorious Years — Stevie Turner, Indie Author.


Ken Dodd, Comedian 1927 – 2018

by Karen J Mossman Today, we lost wacky comedian Ken Dodd and I thought I would share a personal memory of him. In late seventies, early eighties, Ken Dodd came to the Police Club at Hough End in Manchester. He did his act, which had everyone in stitches. His jokes were always clean and so… Continue reading Ken Dodd, Comedian 1927 – 2018

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The Lost Ring

Magic of Stories loves hearing tales from readers and this one came in from Gwyn Broadmeadow. She read my Lost and Found story on here and had one of her own. “In 1933, my mother Mrs Lilian Probert, lost her wedding ring. Although an extensive search was made, we failed to find it. It was… Continue reading The Lost Ring


Using Goodreads – Part 3

I discovered something else about Goodreads today while I was updating a book. So, authors, you may find this useful. Some books I noticed did not have a book cover, and I thought maybe the author had never done it before. It was while I was doing this  I also discovered you can upload a… Continue reading Using Goodreads – Part 3


Sending Docs to your Kindle

Occasionally, an author may want to send a book directly to your kindle, or you would like to send yourself something. The only thing holding your back, is that you don't know how. Follow my a step by step guide to help you make the most of using your device. Log into Amazon and go… Continue reading Sending Docs to your Kindle


Be The Best You Can Be

I was chatting to a friend about his book’s presence on Amazon. He’d had no sales, no reviews and the book wasn’t doing anything. So I said I would look it over. The first thing I noticed was his book description. It was very wordy and just looked like a block of text. He was… Continue reading Be The Best You Can Be

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Using Goodreads – Part 2

The original post regarding the use of Goodreads is here. One of the things I didn't know is the difference between a friend and a follower. I eventually found this explanation. What is the difference between a friend and a follower? A friend is a two-way commitment: Both people have to agree to it. If… Continue reading Using Goodreads – Part 2