Books by Karen J. Mossman

Hi, welcome to my book page. I’m a multi-genre writer and most of my books also have a little romance in them, too.

I prefer to read and write novellas or novelettes which are not as long as a full novel. This is my catalogue of books. There are more coming in the spring.

A devastated king and queen must end the search for their lost child. From his turreted castle on a high hill, the king copes by playing his lament for the whole village to hear. People come from far and wide to witness his emotional performances on the pianoforte.

Though the sound is profound for everyone, it’s magical for one young pauper. Jorge doesn’t just hear it, he sees the crochet, clefts, and minions as they fall from the sky. As he grows, so does the lure of the mystical music, which buries itself deep in his soul.

Unable to resist any longer, Jorge and his betrothed make a trip to the palace to watch the king play. What he discovers there will change his life forever.

This is a fairy tale to delight modern readers.


Available to read on kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play Books and more.

Imagine visiting a village invaded by German WW2 soldiers. Now imagine you are no longer invisible.

What would you do if you awoke to find yourself in a strange place, not knowing who you were? Running outside, you find yourself caught up in a village being invaded by German soldiers. You witness people being murdered and men being rounded up. Terrified, you run away and come face to face with – yourself.

Julie is time travelling and something has gone drastically wrong. Find out what happens and why in this thrilling story

Available to read on kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play Books and more.


Multi-genre author Karen J Mossman, in conjunction of her website of the same name brings you a collection of short stories, poetry, flash fiction, shorts, novel, excerpts, and true stories.

Read about the day her dog went to school and the playground games popular in the 60s. She also frankly tells about the shock of losing both parents at the same time.
We jump to the future in a science fiction story and into the past with an eighteenth century tale story of a Duke and a Squire’s daughter.

Packed with forty-seven stories for your entertainment, which will be your favourite?

£1.25 /$1.95 to buy in in Kindle Unlimited

One hundred years ago, the first drop of acid rain fell. The people fled to the mountains building a new way of life, a life Lexi knows too well, and now she craves adventure.

She has a plan to become a ranger. Aron, her partner, believes she’s not strong enough to fight alongside him. Determined to defy him to achieve her independence, she knows it will mean a further deterioration of their relationship.

Marcus, her childhood best friend, and the boy she truly loved, makes a sudden return to the mountain. Before Lexi can rejoice in a reunion, she sees Mae, the bully who terrorised her by his side.

The person she loved and the person she hated the most, were standing together leaving Lexi to wonder when her life became so complicated.

“A powerful dystopian thriller that captures the heart and imagination.”


Available to read on kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play Books and more.

Follow Joanna through the 1980s to the 1990s
both books are available as an eBook or Paperback.
You can also read them for free with a Kindle Unlimited membership

£1.99 – $2.99 and on Kindle Unlimited


Most girls just want to find their one true love and sisters, Joanna and Sandie are no exception. While Joanna falls for rock singer Niko, Sandie’s choice leaves Joanna reeling and causes a rift in their relationship.

Niko’s music always comes first, and Joanna accepts being second best. She promises never to ask anything from him. But when she becomes entangled in a violent shooting she finds herself lost, frightened and alone.

Will Niko stand by her side or will he choose the path to stardom?

Set in the 80s with a soundtrack of music and fashion, Joanna’s Journey travels a road where sometimes love is not enough.


Struggling with the past, Joanna can’t forget the love she lost and the man who broke her heart. During the summer at a rock festival, Joanna meets him again. Niko is now an international rock star. Can they put the past behind them and rekindle the love they once had?

Mike stood by her when no one else did, but Niko still wants her. Joanna becomes entangled in a web of lies and deceit. Niko is the love of her life, but she cannot leave Mike in confusion and betrayal.

In Joanna’s Destiny, she has some fun times in France and mingles with the stars in Montreux. With a backdrop of music and fashion, emotions and friendships are tested. But her love for Niko never falters, showing that love can conquer all, but at what cost?


I have several stories in anthologies, which I love because of the diverse range of genres and writing styles you can find in these books.

The Sisterhood

Ghostly Rites

Electric Eclectic


This book is only available on Kindle until September 2021

The Awethors

paperback and ebook

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