Behind The Music

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Behind The Music
part of The Themed Collection

Who are the people behind the music? The writers, the singers, and the bands. We know who they are on stage, but who they really?

Six fictional short stories set in the past. The burnt out rock star trying to find himself, the local boy made good, the artwork illustrator who has secret and an interview with a successful female artist are five of the stories within this book.

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Coming Home

Ginger ignored the banging on the door as she hastily packed the few things she owned into a canvas bag.

Things had gone disastrously wrong lately. The final row with Elliot was the last straw. She was already in deep shit with the girl she shared a house with and it had started with a bloke called Steve. She’d let him stay overnight, as she was a sucker for a sob story. He’d buggered off with the TV and video, plus all the cash and cards he could find. That included the rent money, too.

Walking out of the club in a fit of temper was foolish. She couldn’tgo back now for her wages. No, a moonlight flit was the only thing she could do. And go to Susie.

She had met Susie in the early days of her dancing. They’d been good pals and Ginger had never had a friend like her before. Then Susie met Simon Clarke, a well-to-do businessman, and they fell in love. They bought a detached house in a prestigious area where Susie became a housewife, much to her delight as she never enjoyed dancing.

Simon didn’t like Ginger and thought she was a bad influence. So she and Susie didn’t see much of each other anymore when they did Susie tended not to tell Simon.

Good, she thought, Simon’s car wasn’t in the drive as she walked up to the house. Going round the back, she let herself into kitchen. Susie was sitting at the table drinking coffee, listening to the radio with a thoughtful look on her face. Glancing up, she grinned, beckoned her over with a finger on her lips.

Ginger looked amused. “Nice to see you too, kiddo.” She dropped her bag on the floor and switched on the kettle, not really paying attention to what Susie was listening to.

As she made herself a drink, she suddenly heard her name. Spinning round, she found Susie staring at her incredulously.

“My God! He’s talking about you, isn’t he?” Nick’s latest record came on and Susie got up, “You knew Nick Novello?”

“I went to his hotel the other day, but turned chicken. I suppose you could say we’re old friends.”

“You were?”

“Well, yes, a long time ago, though.”

“Why did you never tell me this?? He’s my idol! Come here, sit down, and tell me everything.”