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My Little Star, Tilly.

Ark Angels Animal Rescue is based in Chester. This is where we got our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Meggy, from. She is a rescue dog, taken from a puppy farm somewhere in Wales in June 2018. It was evident she'd had lots of puppies and they estimated her age as four or five. I've continued… Continue reading My Little Star, Tilly.


Missing People

Like many others, I enjoy a good mystery. Stories where you need to know what happens next. Tales that pique your curiosity and keep you turning the page to get to the end. Over the years, I’ve found missing people intriguing. Why did they disappear in the first place? Was it an accident or something… Continue reading Missing People

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Find Amanda by Karen J. Mossman

It it always lovely when someone blogs about one of your books. Finding Amanda is one of my favourite stories because missing people are intriguing, don’t you think?

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Eight years ago, after a series of family arguments, Mandy walked out and disappeared. For her family, it was devastating.

Changing her name to Amanda and moving to a different part of the country, she begins a new life working in a hotel.  One evening a programme about missing people comes on the television. Her face fills the TV screen.

Everything Mandy had tried to forget returns with new clarity. Seeing the special bond families visiting her hotel have, she realises there is a hole in her heart where hers should be.

Will she have the courage to face the past and realise the misunderstanding was caused by her family’s unique situation?

Found! is a story of courage and hope and a bond that never breaks.


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That night, she woke in a cold sweat. Jamie tried to…

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Do Middle-Aged Woman Become Invisible? Guest interview Toni Kief — A Little Bit of Blake

These are two of my favourite writers! I couldn't reisist reblogging this absolutely great interview. In  parts it made me laugh because Toni Kief is a great character, she often cheers me up with her posts, comments and writing. Julia Blake, is a very gifted writer and she has just started this new blog. Previously… Continue reading Do Middle-Aged Woman Become Invisible? Guest interview Toni Kief — A Little Bit of Blake


My Week in Pictures

by Karen J Mossman Today is chill out Sunday. A day to sit back and relax, which is what I did. This made me think of the all the things I'd achieved last week.  Besides writing, I love crafts and the top row of the picture shows containers made from painted recycled baked beans tins.… Continue reading My Week in Pictures


Diary of an Everyday Vampire by Theresa Hedges

#pictpublishing Congratulations Thérésa Hedges-Webb on the release of her second book in the series, Diary Of An Everyday Vampire ~ Volume 2. 🥂🍾📚💜 Description Book 2 of the Diary Of An Everyday Vampire is back! Louder, more observant and cheekier than ever. Read more of the irreverent rants, humorous musings and useful advice from the… Continue reading Diary of an Everyday Vampire by Theresa Hedges

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Abortion Protests

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about exclusion zones outside abortion clinics. It was appalling to hear how women entering them were being harassed. It must be a difficult decision to have an abortion in the first place. There would be a lot of soul searching beforehand. There are… Continue reading Abortion Protests


The Carrero Series by Leanne Marshall

#pictpublishing Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Women's Fiction Description EMMA ANDERSON has everything in her life worked out.She has a perfect job in a Manhattan empire, allowing her to live a quiet, organised and safe existence. A necessity after a childhood filled with abuse, bad memories, and a mother who was less than useless.She’s worked hard to get where… Continue reading The Carrero Series by Leanne Marshall