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The Road To Wigan Pier by Carole Parkes

Today I am bringing you a true life story of Elizabeth Smith as she told to her daughter. Historians will enjoy a look back on the social history of a Lancashire lass. At ninety nine pages long, this memoir will be sure to capture your heart as well as educate and amuse you. MEMORIES OF… Continue reading The Road To Wigan Pier by Carole Parkes


WIP Wednesday

Work in Progress Wednesday I am working through the edits with my editor, Julie, for A Killer on Heath. She also designed this beautiful cover which shows Cassie off perfectly. Working Description Cassie, a clairvoyant and empath, is asked to help her brother, a detective, to find a killer. One girl is dead and another… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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About a Book – Dead Tree Tales by Rush Leeming

Introducing Rush Leeming WebsiteGoodreadsAmazon Where did the idea for the story come from? The idea first came to me in the mid-90’s, the idea that the impending destruction of a famous tree would stir up a whirlwind of trouble in a community. I envisioned it as a multi--character, complicated interlocking of storylines. The crime element… Continue reading About a Book – Dead Tree Tales by Rush Leeming

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The Artist by Christie Stratos, a book review

46 pages, mystery thriller. Karen's Magic Review At last, a proper book with a great story and great writing. I recently read The Wrong House by this author, another short read, so I already knew I liked her writing style. This book was more fulfilling because it was longer. Miss Grant, we never learn her… Continue reading The Artist by Christie Stratos, a book review

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Seizing Cinderella by Alice May Ball

Karen's Book Review If you have been following this blog, you will know I have been struggling to find a good book to read. After two that were disappointing, this was the third. It had its good and bad points, and although I read it, it wasn't as satisfying as I would have liked.This author… Continue reading Seizing Cinderella by Alice May Ball

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What Grabs You?

Norns Triad Publications consists of four authors of which I am one. We send a bi-monthly newsletter and I want to tell you why you should subscribe.Most author newsletters consist of one author, news of their books and a handful of recommended reads. Here at Norns, we offer so much more! Four authors, different genresA… Continue reading What Grabs You?


A Town called Nowhere – The Nowhere Pack Book One

PARANORMAL ROMANCE AT ITS BEST BY AUSTRALIA’S OWN V.K. TRITSCHLER Released and published by Praelectus Publishing!The book will be available this April worldwide, in digital, print, and audio format, across all platforms! What happens when two lost were-panthers meet for the first time? Nicci, a were-panther abandoned as a child and without a pack, finds… Continue reading A Town called Nowhere – The Nowhere Pack Book One


The Artist by Christie Stratos

HISTORICAL SUSPENSE AT ITS BEST WITH THIS SHORT STORY WITHIN THE DARK VICTORIANA COLLECTIONThe short story will be available worldwide in digital across all platforms! An ad in the newspaper. A Civil War veteran in need. An artist companion. One of these things is not what it seems. Miss Grant’s sole purpose in life is… Continue reading The Artist by Christie Stratos


The Nightmare and the Unicorn by Susan Brown

Following on from my article regarding unicorns, author Toni Kief, told me about this book. It does look exciting, and is a good length at 305 pages. If you know of any 'adult' stories, please let me know. From Award-Winning Author Susan Brown…The Nightmare and the Unicorn? A Nightmare is hunting Sky Whitmore. Nothing stands… Continue reading The Nightmare and the Unicorn by Susan Brown